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Owner: BeauLuva

Dachshund/Japanieze Chin Dog Beau Chein

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Gender: Female
Age: 40
Last Activity: 181 month(s) ago
Location: Albany, Oregon
Country: United States

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Beau Chein
Dog, Dachshund/Japanieze Chin

Belle Cheinne ~MEMORIAL~
Dog, Dachshund

Joseph Nemo 'Joe' ~ADOPTED~
Fish, Betta

Minou~Forever in our ♥~
Cat, Breed Unknown

Pet: Beau Chein

Name Beau Chein
Nickname Beau, Beau Buddy, Boy-yes.
Species Dog
Breed Dachshund/Japanieze Chin
BBDKSCJ ect club only plz
The LUV retstruant
My Old Clubs Combined
Gender Male
Hometown Albany
Country United States
Zipcode 97322
Birthdate 2005-06-13
Height 7 inches
Weight 10 pounds
Favorite Activity Playing, Sleeping
Favorite Park The one down the road
Favorite Food Chicken
Favorite Treat Homemade ones
Favorite Toy My Loofah!
Favorite Shows Animal Planet
Favorite Music Relient K! All the way!
Favorite Movies 101 Dalmations
Best Trick Sit Pretty
Worst Trick As Mom likes to call it... 'Go Pee in the house instead of outside'
Favorite Moments When I sleep... sometimes I whine or bark or wiggle my legs :P
Embarassing Moments When I accientally go pee in the house :(
Likes Other pups
Dislikes Barking Dogs, Vacume
My First Day Home Well, first my Mom had my sister Belle. But, she died of worms when she was only 5 weeks old. We we really upset, but they decided that I would be just as great! So they drove out to Greenfield to get me... and I've been here since!
Awards None... yet!
Bio I'm a red long-hair Dachshund! Mom says that Dachshunds are the best, but I like all pups! I really like meeting new friends on petster.com and dogster.com.
About Me Hey, I am one cool pup, right? I mean, I have a petster page AND a dogster page! Boo Ya! Dogster is lots of fun, we don't have blogs or comments, but we have forums and such. I really enjoy dogster, and I bet you would too

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Profile Views: 86175

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Beau Chein's Blogs

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Posted By: 2008/03/12 06:57:42 PM
how cute.....

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2007/06/30 08:05:03 PM
Hey Beau... what's new?

Posted By: Fade 2007/06/20 01:35:18 PM
hey Beau

Posted By: 2007/03/13 05:58:23 PM
Hello xD long time no see x3 and thats cool! mom broke hers haha. it is soo hot down here..

Posted By: 2007/01/16 07:50:12 PM
Beau...i sent you a pmail why i did that!

Posted By: Eva Jo 2007/01/08 07:03:58 AM
he is beautiful

Posted By: 2006/12/29 06:28:51 PM
Whoo! Zimmie fans

Posted By: 2006/12/24 08:05:20 AM
Happy Holidays! :>D

Posted By: 2006/12/21 09:09:02 AM
*sticks out tongue* BOL brrr moms hands are freezing :S

Posted By: 2006/12/21 09:00:22 AM
Good :P

Posted By: 2006/12/21 08:38:58 AM
O.o xD BOL silly :P

Posted By: 2006/12/20 09:38:53 PM
Merry christmas Beau :D

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/12/17 03:05:55 PM
Beau I would never ever hate you some one ed my account and wrote that. You are my friend.

Posted By: 2006/12/16 06:41:26 PM
Beau! someone reported me on dogster and I am kenneled!!!!!

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/12/16 04:31:44 PM
I hate you

Posted By: 2006/12/16 09:58:55 AM
well she just got loggged out...I think she lost connection...if you are inactive for a hour..

Posted By: 2006/12/16 09:55:02 AM
I am not sure she still isnt giving me a reply :-/

Posted By: 2006/12/16 09:51:36 AM
Her parents left at a party(lied to her) and she had no dinner...and was trying to call them but nobody answered >.< aww...I should ask for plus..maybe in a month XD im scared :P

Posted By: 2006/12/16 09:46:05 AM
Lucky has been sitting in the chatroom from night till day and she had a rough night yesterday

Posted By: 2006/12/16 09:45:02 AM
not rosettes! I ment rossette xD

Posted By: 2006/12/16 09:44:48 AM
ack double post xD thans for the rosettes I ruv them all

Posted By: 2006/12/16 09:42:48 AM
aww ugh must get plus >.< But Bosco hasnt found out yet...:-/

Posted By: 2006/12/16 09:41:57 AM
AHAHA xD Me go see my present >:3 and yesh LB,Lucky,Kifa,ect. eveyrone has been pawmailing me O.o Im famous >:3\\

Posted By: 2006/12/16 09:41:57 AM
AHAHA xD Me go see my present >:3 and yesh LB,Lucky,Kifa,ect. eveyrone has been pawmailing me O.o Im famous >:3\\

Posted By: Coby 2006/12/16 09:38:46 AM
Yup, we both have grown alot. Kona has been spayed, mommy is saving up to get me the snip snip...lol!! So are you nutered? Does it hurt?

Posted By: Coby 2006/12/16 09:29:47 AM
I am wonderful... it is so great to see you!!

Posted By: Coby 2006/12/16 08:00:43 AM
Hi Beau!! *Sticks out paw* How are ya Buddy??

Posted By: Kona 2006/12/16 07:38:09 AM
Thanks, we miss everyone too!! Mommy is fiing to add Coby on here, so you'll see his page up very soon!

Posted By: Trooper Rest in Peace 2003-2006 2006/12/15 06:13:37 PM
I miss my girl! That is why I am re-joining!

Posted By: 2006/12/15 06:07:40 PM
I am not...shelby had an account >.< but me no cause toruble and me can report those peeps...

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/12/15 06:02:52 PM

Posted By: 2006/12/15 05:56:37 PM
he was kidding xD

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/15 05:46:32 PM
Why would you say that to Jake?

Posted By: 2006/12/15 05:44:56 PM

Posted By: ♠ Camelot ♥ 2006/12/15 05:42:05 PM
Hi! Why you mad at Jake?

Posted By: 2006/12/15 03:18:48 PM
Sowwwy D: You cna beat me up now :P

Posted By: Lucky 2006/12/15 11:43:50 AM
I'm very sad that she got deleted D'=

Posted By: Lucky 2006/12/15 11:34:41 AM
It's ok Beau! We all say some things we don't meen. I'm sorry if I made you mad in ANY way. Hope we can be pals, Happy Howlidays!

Posted By: 2006/12/15 11:22:29 AM
yea...i guess.

Posted By: 2006/12/15 09:09:57 AM
I know..and I wouldnt be sooo mad if doggies wouldnt have started the rumors!

Posted By: 2006/12/15 08:29:50 AM
Hey guys! Beau..thanks for sticking up for fade on dogster...we have been waiting for someone like you. We feel Soooo bad!

Posted By: 2006/12/14 05:05:18 PM
uugh D: soo tempting D: Lucky misses me on dogster *rips hair* xD

Posted By: Cookee 2006/12/14 04:18:38 PM
beau!!! you are such a cutie pitutie!! hehe i dont know if thats how you spell it, but its true!!!! :D

Posted By: 2006/12/14 02:07:02 PM
I was talking to LUCKY! hehe....grrr...i dont like you lucky

Posted By: 2006/12/14 01:58:18 PM
we are NOT fakes...I can prove it to you!

Posted By: ♠ Camelot ♥ 2006/12/14 01:24:51 PM

Posted By: Beba in ♥ Memory 2006/12/14 01:24:32 PM
Someone reported me! IT is not fair! Why? I did not fake!! NOOOO!

Posted By: Lucky 2006/12/14 01:21:57 PM
It's ok, contraire to what you might tihnk. I never.. and I repeat NEVER have reported anyone except fakes. And I never said I reported chico or fade.

Posted By: Beba in ♥ Memory 2006/12/14 01:18:24 PM
Beau can you PLEASE look at camelots blog vote for me, it is URGENT! PLEASE!!!!!!

Posted By: Sadie 2006/12/14 01:12:21 PM
Beau, is it alright if T.J. IM's you on Dogster...he needs advice.

Posted By: ♠ Camelot ♥ 2006/12/14 01:08:17 PM
You are very cute! I want a dog like you!

Posted By: ♠ Camelot ♥ 2006/12/14 01:01:50 PM
I mean vote for me, sorry about that!

Posted By: Beba in ♥ Memory 2006/12/14 01:01:24 PM
I think you are ADOREABLE! Can you vote for me on petster, it is REALLY important! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Posted By: Beba in ♥ Memory 2006/12/14 12:58:57 PM
YOu are Soooooo cute!

Posted By: 2006/12/14 09:43:03 AM
u admitted it Lucky..and thanks beau..i hate her too

Posted By: Lucky 2006/12/14 05:41:32 AM
Fade will you please stop, I'm not the one who "told on you" and or reported you. And I really don't care if you hate me beau.

Posted By: 2006/12/13 05:07:27 PM
OMD! I am sooo freaking Ticked off..I found out who told on me! GRRRR

Posted By: 2006/12/13 03:39:25 PM
Dewd I am confoosed O>o why are dogster dogs suddenly joining?

Posted By: 2006/12/13 02:18:43 PM
Beau..u said two threads..and then you said sick. what is sick?

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/13 02:11:25 PM

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/13 01:58:15 PM
Crushes doesn't show up for me though. o.<

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/13 01:52:39 PM
Nope, no Crushes either. I went to a dog's page who last posted in Crushes, and I clicked the link, it said I had to be a member...

Posted By: 2006/12/13 01:49:22 PM
Beau...They told me that I was causing too much trouble and that because I was pals with Chico and his family, that they didnt want me on either!!! What is going on in Crushes? has HQ closed the two threads about me and chicos family?

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/13 01:47:40 PM
Yeah. Hmm. Darn.. I at least want to see whats going on there. o.<

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/13 01:43:34 PM
BOL. I just hope HQ replies! Whats up in Crushes?

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/13 11:33:27 AM
Oh yeah, I only had the picture of Pipi and I. We didn't have a camera, plus my dad took that picture with a camera and I have no cllue what happened to it. O.o

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/13 11:18:40 AM
Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.. My dad probably wouldn't go as far as calling them. : /

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/13 10:43:49 AM
I was kenneled once for being accused of being a fake but that's it : /

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/13 10:30:54 AM
Me too D:

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/13 10:00:10 AM
No, dogster never emailed me either.

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/13 09:57:31 AM
Well make sure they know I didn't.. I don't know what happened! Have any ideas?

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/13 09:39:34 AM
Has anyone said anything about me? >.<

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/13 09:39:21 AM
I emailed them already, and I also heard they moved Crushes to Plus.. O.o?

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/13 08:37:50 AM
OMG... I don't know.. it didn't auto-log me in, it didn't get my email and now my page is gone? D:

Posted By: 2006/12/08 03:43:11 PM
BEAU D: shelby is on dogster again -_- http://www.dogster.com/pet_page.php?j=t&i=435022 I would report her....she created fakes...xD

Posted By: 2006/12/08 02:16:57 PM
Yesh mahg account is back O_o hi...O_O xD starr says hi to*cough* xD

Posted By: 2006/12/03 04:14:39 PM
Beau its me yes I am bunking in the same account with Star :3 dont ask what happened I dunno

Posted By: 2006/12/03 02:02:44 PM
oh when you finish viewing it can you please delete that comment? :3 thank you

Posted By: 2006/12/03 02:02:22 PM
thank you :3 here is another that isnt on my petster pg:http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g11/Fire_pup/P1030875.jpg

Posted By: 2006/12/03 12:18:26 PM
Liek my new pics? ;) xD sissy sprayed perfume on me and now Idont smell like gingerbread anymmore...-_- CURSES xD

Posted By: 2006/12/02 06:43:24 PM
Silly Beau! That's cause I DON'T live in MI. I lied...for privacy reasons ya know? LOL!

Posted By: 2006/12/02 04:52:10 PM
Oh really? xD I guess i did xD

Posted By: Princess 2006/12/02 03:22:26 PM
thanks for being my frend :)

Posted By: 2006/12/02 01:21:40 PM
I havnt gotten any new pics in a while silly xD but ma will take some this week ;)

Posted By: 2006/12/01 11:16:26 AM
Wanna go to false chat?

Posted By: 2006/12/01 11:16:12 AM
Yes I was like "he was on 58 minutes ago?? NOOO"(this was a few hours ago)

Posted By: 2006/12/01 11:11:18 AM
WOOT! My boredom craze is over! Read my blog to see why I'm onx>

Posted By: 2006/11/27 03:03:29 PM
nobody is on Dx and Kifa says she wont come..oh..LOOKcoacoa is on..*rolls eyes* -_-

Posted By: 2006/11/27 03:03:05 PM
bol xD

Posted By: 2006/11/27 02:42:04 PM
mom was like singing"somebodys on" xD then she saw it was you xD bol hi xD

Posted By: 2006/11/27 12:40:56 PM
Hi Beau! Read my profile for humans... That explains it all... Well, I will see ya later!!! Bye!!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/11/26 02:49:11 PM
Thank you SOOO much for voting for me!! :) I am sooo close! :)

Posted By: 2006/11/26 11:19:13 AM
D: which i thought was mean then i found out that 'harley' the puppy was int he garage and didnt live inside D: coacoa didnt even care i bet she just adopted harley to get on dogster -_-

Posted By: 2006/11/26 11:18:26 AM
dewd poor kifa yesterday she was spending the night at breas(coacoa) and she wanted to go home cuz she was scared(and i understood that but the parents didnt care and brea didnt either) but brea was gonna make people hat kifa if she didnt stay over there

Posted By: 2006/11/26 11:16:27 AM
well I e-mailed her so yeah O_O now what? XD

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/11/26 10:51:34 AM

Posted By: 2006/11/26 10:48:42 AM
dewd i think i know who banned copper O_O oh..HI xD

Posted By: 2006/11/25 04:46:29 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/24 02:44:10 PM
>:O XD

Posted By: 2006/11/24 01:18:54 PM
its a chatroom and i thought you didnt like them XD

Posted By: 2006/11/24 01:18:08 PM

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/24 01:17:38 PM
Jake posted a link I see.. just go there because we're mostly talking there :3

Posted By: 2006/11/24 01:17:22 PM
You arent un-loved drama queen xD JK ;)*about the drama queen O.o*

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/24 01:16:41 PM
Yeah we're talking there :3

Posted By: 2006/11/24 01:15:24 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/24 01:14:51 PM
YAY actually i was trying to invite you ;) http://www.groupboard.com/mp/board.cgi?board_id=97297&java_version=java&need_password=false hehehe

Posted By: 2006/11/24 01:07:01 PM
sory chstting with star,kifa,and booms...

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/24 12:59:13 PM
Hey Beau. :D

Posted By: 2006/11/24 10:37:54 AM
my feet are like frozen literally xD i may take a warm shower..

Posted By: 2006/11/24 10:35:03 AM
BOL sorry i was listening to audios from boomie xD yesh its cold xD

Posted By: 2006/11/24 10:28:16 AM
Hey beau beau:>

Posted By: 2006/11/24 10:24:45 AM

Posted By: 2006/11/24 10:24:31 AM
moms weraing her gloves and hat..its freezing down here :s

Posted By: 2006/11/24 10:19:44 AM

Posted By: 2006/11/24 10:14:17 AM

Posted By: 2006/11/24 10:13:45 AM
petster has a 'sceret' e-mail -_- bol

Posted By: 2006/11/24 10:09:33 AM
well..shelby&daisy got in a fihgt with me,booms,and kifa(hehe kifa&i were being mean xD) but thats it :-/ and booms talks with star on audio on dropshots....whihc is kinda stupid too me but its fun

Posted By: 2006/11/24 10:01:14 AM
1. she had to use kifas cuz her other account was banned 2.she got dleted for an unknown reason PO.o somebody reported her 3.IT WAS GOOD I added tory but milo was too scared -_- xD

Posted By: 2006/11/24 09:59:34 AM
in chat

Posted By: 2006/11/24 09:59:19 AM
with the katie doggie shepard and cookee

Posted By: 2006/11/24 09:59:04 AM
BOL i am tired Dx *yawns* me&kifa stayed up till 4 am xD i am waiting fur her she is soppost to be on xD

Posted By: 2006/11/24 09:43:34 AM

Posted By: 2006/11/24 09:43:05 AM
YESH she used kifas old account just search star

Posted By: 2006/11/24 09:42:31 AM

Posted By: 2006/11/23 08:48:25 PM
well the owners of this iste are slugs(not to be mean) but whenever we find a fake and report em them hq BANS US -_-

Posted By: 2006/11/22 11:31:21 PM
HQ banned star D':

Posted By: 2006/11/22 03:28:13 PM
its ok*snffles* I am upset wiht star right now :/ I am in a chat so I wont reply quickly

Posted By: 2006/11/22 11:16:22 AM

Posted By: 2006/11/22 11:07:23 AM
gawd my stepmom is reallly getting on my nerves..(shes russian and she is singing opera thingy -_-) and I was soooo mad at a japanese restruant she screamed like this in the car"ALOOOOO-LOOOOO-AAAAHHH-LAAAA" O_O people were staring at us >:(

Posted By: 2006/11/22 11:03:46 AM
*views "browse pets" on "latest activity"* D: I am gonna hunt somebody down xD

Posted By: 2006/11/22 11:02:56 AM
kay my christmas theme is up xD well..its been up xD sigh why do I get the feeling that nobody else has a break today? O_o I feel lonely usually kifa is on by now o-o but she has school D:

Posted By: 2006/11/22 11:00:40 AM
bol you are a silly doggie xD

Posted By: 2006/11/22 10:54:17 AM
http://www.dropshots.com/fire_pup alot of videos here ^_^ bol and yes I agree...you shouldnt be afraid to cry :(

Posted By: 2006/11/22 10:50:56 AM
teeeheee here is me when I was 6 monthss:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y9Fl2jJHhU

Posted By: 2006/11/22 10:46:26 AM
people that died in wars,loses of families,arguements,break ups,loosing friends,the bombs in NY,ect. there is a whole bunch of things to cry about and you dont have to be 5 or whatever to cry -_-

Posted By: 2006/11/22 10:43:50 AM
sometimes dad would always go"stop crying you are 12 already" -_- well everyone cries right?

Posted By: 2006/11/22 10:38:09 AM
yeah :-/ *sigh* My dad would try to get me into it..but then I do my "fake" tears :-)

Posted By: 2006/11/22 10:33:05 AM
You wont believe how they fight -_- childish xD

Posted By: 2006/11/22 10:32:36 AM
hope he gets beter :0) (hehehe copied ya xD) oh and its ok...actually I like when they are splitted up cuz then the drama in the house leaves :-/

Posted By: 2006/11/22 10:25:17 AM
well my parents split up :-/ I live with my dad only for a year until mas mean boss lets her work at nights :-/ then sissy can prob. live with us to..aww sorry bout your grandpa :(

Posted By: 2006/11/22 10:19:28 AM
I dont mind about my grades..my dad never acts like a real dad :-/ thats why I love it a my ma's better with dusty and starr ^_^

Posted By: 2006/11/22 10:18:27 AM
sorrry..I feel bad :(

Posted By: 2006/11/22 10:18:16 AM
O.O why? D':

Posted By: 2006/11/22 10:16:19 AM
*GASP* Sooo sorry :'-( momma cried all night cuz dad was laughing at her math grades :'-(

Posted By: 2006/11/22 10:09:10 AM
BOL its ok...I am good..tired...but good xD

Posted By: 2006/11/22 10:07:17 AM
me is gonna change mah background O_o maybe green/red xD

Posted By: 2006/11/22 10:03:43 AM
we have thanksgiving break today xD

Posted By: 2006/11/22 10:01:02 AM

Posted By: 2006/11/21 04:19:31 PM
it ok me understands XD

Posted By: 2006/11/21 04:12:41 PM
HAHAHA those two arent the only ones*looks at vinnie&chloe* MEEHEEEHEEE xD wanna go to stars chat? cuz me kifa and shelby are there..only if you want ;)

Posted By: 2006/11/21 04:01:08 PM
Starr has been painting pictures of him all day and has been making her food into little heart shapes xD

Posted By: 2006/11/21 02:41:20 PM
sowwwwy moma is addicted to mah music xD i want a kitty :-/

Posted By: 2006/11/21 02:34:53 PM
EEEEK I AM SOOO SORRY I DIDNT MEAN TO DX I will add her again :)

Posted By: 2006/11/21 02:30:58 PM
wow O.o I was only gone for a day and I miss this much? xD

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/21 02:13:24 PM
So what was the comment? xD I'm the kinda person who likes to know things involved about her O.o

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/21 02:06:39 PM
I'm good. :D you?

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/21 02:01:41 PM
Wait, I didn't see the comment you sent me. It won't show up. >>

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/11/21 04:47:13 AM
Thank you for the vote!! I really really appreciate it! woof woof!

Posted By: 2006/11/20 04:32:01 PM
I wub my best buddy BEAU XD

Posted By: 2006/11/18 03:31:50 PM
Please go to the GB I sent you, I really need to talk to you! :)

Posted By: 2006/11/18 03:24:06 PM
PFFT! Yeah right Kifa! Jake is such a liar and he is blaming it all on ME!

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/18 03:15:11 PM
Okay.. Star is seriously being....... yeah. >.<

Posted By: BlueJay 2006/11/17 06:54:12 PM
quel beau chien! naturellement je serai votre ami!

Posted By: 2006/11/17 04:10:18 PM
You're very welcome and yes I noticed that most were dogsx> Perhaps I'll add my buddy bird in there...:>

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/16 02:05:56 PM
BOL! Sissy still wishes she would have gotten my brother who was in my cage with me. He was hyper, and I was shy. Dad jokes and says that since I am hyper now, he would have been the shy one no! Hmph.

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/16 01:56:29 PM
Awwwwwh. :3

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/16 01:49:10 PM
Earlier I seen Joe. :D

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/16 01:43:41 PM
Yeah :D

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/16 01:32:53 PM
Not yet. :) What are the prizes? BOL.

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/16 01:29:06 PM
Heheh, BOL! :D

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/16 01:17:39 PM
Join the club we have T-shirts! BOL!

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/16 01:14:21 PM
No, they said it was Copper's sister. O.o

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/16 01:09:28 PM
Crushes is waaaay too quite.. Hmm..

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/16 01:07:57 PM
Yeah... This is gonna be unexpected for him when Itell him I got support O.o but I do anything for a friend in need :D

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/16 01:04:46 PM
I'm doin; great! Dad just sent me a whole bunch of music so I am happy. :)

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/16 12:57:13 PM
Hey! :)

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/11/15 03:19:32 PM
Thank you sooo much for your vote and support!!!!! Have a great week! :)

Posted By: 2006/11/14 09:38:09 PM
No I woulnt ignore you :) I wasnt on all day

Posted By: 2006/11/14 09:37:26 PM
siully ;)

Posted By: 2006/11/14 05:23:01 PM
Beau go here, it's just me! :) http://www.groupboard.com/mp/board.cgi?board_id=97163&java_version=java&need_password=true

Posted By: 2006/11/13 05:30:00 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/13 05:17:15 PM
aw me MIGHT not leave anymore cuz the dsrama is over :)

Posted By: Sadie 2006/11/13 01:29:41 PM
Okay, I'll add em right now! Brb

Posted By: Sadie 2006/11/13 01:26:47 PM
BOL, Yeah, Dogster is gettin' kinda borin' and I decided to come on Petster....I'm Good, you?

Posted By: 2006/11/12 02:08:14 PM
Oops we never sent you a pal request earlier x> How foolish of us x>

Posted By: 2006/11/11 06:13:46 PM
*cries* read my newest blog :'-(

Posted By: 2006/11/10 11:14:31 AM
stars on the chat:http://www.groupboard.com/mp/board.cgi?board_id=96947&java_version=java&need_password=true

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/11/09 05:04:37 PM
(Here's the rest) Where:Shelby's Petster Party Blog. When: 5:00-6:30(Arizona time) Hosted by Shelby. Hope to see you there!!!

Posted By: ♥Queen Shelby♥ 2006/11/09 05:03:05 PM
PETSTER PARTY!!! Your invited to a Petster Party! Please come. We will have drinks, music, food, a pool and much more!! Come and hang out or dance with your friends!! Its going to be an awesome night!!! When:Friday.

Posted By: 2006/11/09 03:54:04 PM
See ya!

Posted By: 2006/11/09 03:46:01 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/09 03:15:49 PM
Great and you?

Posted By: 2006/11/09 02:34:37 PM
Hi Beau! Nice to see you!

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/09 02:25:16 PM
See you then! :D

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/09 02:20:54 PM
-ou're so gay!" -_-

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/09 02:20:44 PM
Here's exact words from when she used to create fakes: Me: No more fakes please! Cokes: why? Me: Because well how would you like it if someone stole Coacoa's pics? Cokes: I'd kill em. Me: I'm sure the owner would want to kill you too. Just don't. Cokes: Y

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/09 02:13:29 PM
Like I said, after that happened, I don't think she's going to be my best friend..

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/09 02:09:20 PM
she feels stupid but, IMO, she doesn't need to be. Coacoa has no reason to just be acting like she gets her way all the time.. I feel her motto is "I come first" because she acts like it.,

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/09 02:08:21 PM
And yes, but ever since this puppet show we have to play for the littler kids... Sissy's other BFF Ashley wanted to be the "blue Ox" cuz it was the only puppet O.o Coacoa promised her that she would let her try once, but that never happened. Ashley says

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/09 02:06:35 PM
BOL! Sometimes Sissy shows a very small amount of maturity when she is in a bad mood... (or however you'd want to put it xD) but don't we all? o.o

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/09 02:02:57 PM
She takes that as a compliment. BOL! But I'm afraid she may be younger than your mom. :P

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/09 01:33:36 PM
like crap...

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/09 01:31:36 PM
She thinks she's perfect.. she thinks she's all that and she thinks it's about her. She thinks her dogs are better than any.. and she has problems. She says I'm her best friend one day then the next I'm suddenly gay? -_- and now she's treatin my friends

Posted By: 2006/11/08 02:39:05 PM
aww your welcome beau ;) dont let her get to ya she likes to annoy others...

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/08 01:21:25 PM
I asked Cokes if she would forgive you thru MSN, and that was here reply. -o-;

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/08 01:13:35 PM
"weve got more bounce in california we party all the time says:no i wontweve got more bounce in california we party all the time says:hes gay O>o

Posted By: 2006/11/04 03:48:33 PM
we at chat if you wanna go

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/11/04 03:45:13 PM
Yep! It's cool. Sorry for kinda freaking out O.o this was probably the first time xD

Posted By: 2006/11/04 12:45:44 PM
Maybe ;) thank you =)

Posted By: 2006/11/04 10:17:58 AM
it ok me go eat

Posted By: 2006/11/04 10:12:13 AM
he's better now =/ he walks bbut walks really funny what did the vacum do? :0 bol I am bored I WANT KIFA HERE =p

Posted By: 2006/11/04 10:05:12 AM
looking at ghost pics,painting,watching dustin(hip dysplasia)

Posted By: 2006/11/04 10:03:09 AM
me&my friend are just sitting here...being lazy,bored,showing faces,and doing somethings that are so stupid that we dont even want to tell bol =p

Posted By: 2006/11/04 10:00:45 AM
dunno =/

Posted By: 2006/11/04 09:57:50 AM
bol mommy has been sitting here for hours waiting for somebody =D

Posted By: 2006/11/04 09:54:27 AM

Posted By: 2006/11/03 06:22:43 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/03 04:35:16 PM
No prob Beau!

Posted By: 2006/11/03 03:00:59 PM
I know! Me too!

Posted By: 2006/11/03 02:58:12 PM
I'm good! You?

Posted By: 2006/11/03 02:56:17 PM

Posted By: 2006/11/02 03:06:32 PM
Harley lied to you? how sad :(

Posted By: 2006/11/01 06:15:05 PM

Posted By: 2006/10/31 09:22:45 PM

Posted By: 2006/10/31 09:22:32 PM
meet at my blog :p

Posted By: 2006/10/31 09:20:08 PM
COOL WERE? WHEN? WHO? BOL let me make a chatting blog :p

Posted By: 2006/10/31 09:19:14 PM
I POSTED BOL silly no Im not mad :) It just annoys me when others are talking to me so much and dont get it BOL :P

Posted By: 2006/10/31 09:15:08 PM
Sure :D YAY bol guess everyone is trick-or-treating huh? :/ I didnt get to go :'(

Posted By: 2006/10/31 12:43:58 PM
Yeah.. Sissy hasn't had candy in a long time.. >_< She better bring me back some cookies. D:

Posted By: 2006/10/31 12:33:21 PM
xD Sorry. Sissy's listening to her Japanese/Kelly Clarkson/Blink 182/MCR songs and keeps falling asleep... The email wakes her up. Odd. O.o

Posted By: 2006/10/31 12:29:35 PM
Yeah.. she took thick cough medicine. My god.. she thought she was gonna puke. D:

Posted By: 2006/10/31 10:58:33 AM
No. School was bad. She started coughing real bad so she called home. >_<

Posted By: 2006/10/30 02:25:07 PM
Sure you can be the photograpgher but I did already ask boomer. You can ask him what he hasn't done so you can do it because he's doing a whole lot for the wedding.

Posted By: 2006/10/30 01:07:36 PM
Okayz. But ya gotta join first O_o

Posted By: 2006/10/30 07:28:06 AM
No, I didn't. If you buy someone D+ cuz they can't afford it, do you have to pay for it all the time? If so then WOW, I need to find out who and pal request them, corral them, give them a star and a rosette. O_o there really isn't anything else.. xD

Posted By: 2006/10/30 07:10:26 AM
Haha. Before the update you could only have 7 pics and clubs were messy becauyse they had one post after another like a stack of books. I believe I was pet of the day once.. Or Vinnie. Not sure back then.

Posted By: 2006/10/30 07:03:58 AM
I agree but at least we don';t have to have the same background all year long! :D

Posted By: 2006/10/30 07:00:53 AM
Yeah. Christmas would be easy though.. :P

Posted By: 2006/10/30 06:42:20 AM
Well Halloween's tomorrow.. And I can change it early anyways. :P I don't know any thanksgiving colors. :D

Posted By: 2006/10/30 06:39:00 AM
Awh! Why's that? Lemme go change it. It's supposed to be Halloween''ish. :o

Posted By: 2006/10/30 06:36:31 AM
Tell me about it. ;_;

Posted By: 2006/10/30 06:28:39 AM
Yeah.. >_:D

Posted By: 2006/10/30 06:24:18 AM
Oops.. D:* BOL!

Posted By: 2006/10/30 06:24:07 AM
Not really... THEN I'm getting a bath soon. D: Sissy is going to take some bath pictures.. Help mee. DZ:

Posted By: 2006/10/30 06:20:36 AM
Well I have fleas that only like me and not the hoomens.. Plus I need to go on a diet and that means no more food-on-the-go or something. D: Sissy is sick.. so yeah.

Posted By: 2006/10/30 06:12:52 AM
Yeah.. ditto. We are taking a break from dating each other's families.

Posted By: 2006/10/30 06:05:06 AM
I think so... I'm not sure though. I had to leave in the middle of the conversation

Posted By: 2006/10/30 06:01:59 AM
Beau Beau Beau-errs! BOL! Sissy has a scratchy throat x.x

Posted By: 2006/10/29 12:23:27 PM
me gots new pix :p

Posted By: 2006/10/29 10:44:19 AM
it ok ;)

Posted By: 2006/10/29 08:17:38 AM
sheeze star has tempure o.O heya beau how you doing? you didnt comment me BOL

Posted By: 2006/10/28 01:10:17 PM
Yes your mommy is pretty:> That turantula looks like gary! (a class pet)

Posted By: 2006/10/26 02:44:50 PM
bol thank you and your welcome :P

Posted By: 2006/10/26 02:40:01 PM
your mommy is pretty bol :P

Posted By: 2006/10/25 02:59:22 PM
aww you off?

Posted By: 2006/10/25 01:36:22 PM
If you like to read blogs,check out the fishes and froggies in my family! They have a few entries...

Posted By: Murphy 2006/10/24 05:49:14 PM
Beau you know i would never !

Posted By: 2006/10/24 04:44:13 PM
Could you be a good little pup and let me in the best friends club Mr. Mod:>

Posted By: 2006/10/24 04:37:44 PM
we replied you :D

Posted By: 2006/10/24 04:26:19 PM
yay*claps* your mod to :D

Posted By: 2006/10/24 04:24:41 PM
I gots 2 more BOL :D moms addicted to taking pics of me she's addicted to me! this morning sissys and brothers were hugging me and making me annoyed!

Posted By: 2006/10/24 04:23:59 PM
bol :P

Posted By: 2006/10/24 04:20:14 PM
Im am not part of the best friends :( thats my old account and star never makes mods so I cant join :(

Posted By: 2006/10/24 04:16:58 PM
we ruv your defualt! I g2g get more pics of jake! :D

Posted By: 2006/10/24 04:00:05 PM

Posted By: 2006/10/24 03:54:46 PM
we went to long beach at...5-4am??

Posted By: 2006/10/24 03:54:31 PM
oh sorry Im cranky right now :( we are skipping the whole week of school Im at long beach with my sissy right now....

Posted By: 2006/10/24 03:53:28 PM
Hey beau! Jake and I are on right now if you want to go to the message board! Just don't forget to come up with a fun pawmail address so we know it's you and not someone else. For example goodboy@dogmail.com

Posted By: Brandy 2006/10/24 02:30:07 PM
Hey! I tried that website and it let me do it but my mom won't let me have an accont! I wish i cud join but i can't sry! Bye! ~Brandy~

Posted By: 2006/10/23 04:01:09 PM
Yeah actually. :D I got TONS! Sissy loves her camera :D

Posted By: 2006/10/23 03:26:36 PM
if you want!

Posted By: 2006/10/23 03:23:22 PM
weeelll...star4 is off :(

Posted By: 2006/10/23 03:22:57 PM
yipes! :0 sorry XD

Posted By: 2006/10/23 03:19:14 PM
hiya yups im here :)

Posted By: 2006/10/23 02:06:04 PM
Sorry we didn't respond. Was taking pictures of me... *sigh* Anyway's, I'm fine. :3

Posted By: 2006/10/23 01:32:26 PM
Hey there Beau! How's life? :3

Posted By: Brandy 2006/10/23 06:20:13 AM
Hey! I will try that website and i shall tell u if i join, by the way wud u like to be friends?? have a grrreat day! ~brandy~

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/21 01:43:18 PM
Thanks for voting!!!!

Posted By: 2006/10/21 10:54:33 AM
oh! beau wanna come to a chatroom? kifa and copper is there...if you want I can sent you the password&the link?

Posted By: 2006/10/21 10:19:22 AM

Posted By: 2006/10/20 02:57:23 PM
about that, and get back to this here site!!! Haha, bol...

Posted By: 2006/10/20 02:56:53 PM
Awww! Thanks Beau! Yeah, I got real pics finally! I was never fake on here, just on Dogster... Dogster told me that if I got real pics, I could join again, but I uh. don't know, I don't want to start any fights, so probly not... ANYWAY! Lets just forget

Posted By: 2006/10/20 02:22:02 PM
Yes I do! You look like Vinnie with that big nose ;)

Posted By: 2006/10/20 02:18:56 PM
Hey Beau! How's it goin'?

Posted By: 2006/10/19 03:52:34 PM
Hi Beau! I'm star's new son Boomer! (well I've been her son for awhile:>) Anyways, I'm glad to hear you'll be on petster alot more! You should join the cozy cottage and the mecca so we can hangout alot! -BoomBoom:>

Posted By: 2006/10/19 03:35:29 PM
hrrrmmm..now what? :P I am booooooooooored X0

Posted By: 2006/10/19 03:30:07 PM
oooh :0 yes in november

Posted By: 2006/10/19 03:26:35 PM
it gets boring here :/ I wish I was on dogster -_- umm..nothing new :0 I am older BOL

Posted By: 2006/10/19 03:19:39 PM
oh otay :0 it's okay...... hmm....

Posted By: 2006/10/19 02:42:20 PM
I mean DESCIDING..or whatever :P

Posted By: 2006/10/19 02:41:55 PM
wowzers what is up with dogster? :( alot of people are being mean to others and no offence but shouldnt people be deciding if they want to leave or not? :( they could use the block feature....it's there for a reason..just saying BOL :P

Posted By: 2006/10/19 02:37:46 PM
ooooh! see I knew that I was only testing ya :P

Posted By: Jamie Lynn 2006/10/19 11:06:14 AM
Awwww stop you're going to make me blush!!! :)

Posted By: 2006/10/18 02:47:50 PM
whoops sorry caps lock :P

Posted By: 2006/10/18 02:47:31 PM

Posted By: Simon 2006/10/09 11:16:32 AM
I kind of look like you. = D I like it.

Posted By: PJ Pasquale 2006/08/28 10:51:19 PM
Beau Chien! I THOUGHT you looked familiar! Shads and I know you from Dogster.

Posted By: Harry 2006/08/23 08:37:46 PM
Hi Beau Chein, Thanks for the pal request. Yeah, we are both on Dogster :)

Posted By: Casey 2006/08/23 08:37:36 PM
Hi Beau Chein, Thanks for the pal request. Yeah, we are both on Dogster :)

Posted By: RASCAL 2006/08/15 12:18:47 PM
I voted for you! You are cool, like me!

Posted By: RASCAL 2006/08/11 12:13:11 AM
I'm on dogster! I will look you up, so we can be friends there, too.

Posted By: RASCAL 2006/08/09 11:43:46 AM
Hey Beau! You are sooo cute. Thanks for being my friend!

Posted By: Sadie 2006/08/08 02:11:23 PM
hey Beau

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