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Gender: Female
Last Activity: 157 month(s) ago
Location: Sacramento, California
Country: United States

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Dog, Miniature Dachshund

Frog, Well, he's actually a toad

Daisy May
Amphibian, Yellow Footed Tortoise

Cat, Domestic Short Hair - Black

Morticia 1994-2007
Cat, Domestic Short Hair - Black

Cat, Domestic Long Hair

Cat, Domestic Medium Hair - Black

Frog, White's Tree Frog

Pet: Bowie

Name Bowie
Nickname Pookie, BoBo, Mrs. Francis Rocks
Species Dog
Breed Miniature Dachshund
Pet Clubs: Bi-Eyed
Dachsies-mini German engineering!
Destroyers of Everything!
Gender Female
Hometown Sacramento
Country United States
Zipcode 95821
Birthdate 2004-02-17
Height Very low
Weight About 10 pounds
Favorite Activity Snuggling in bed on the weekends, car rides, traveling to new places, going to the pet store, and last, but not least - when Mom and Dad get home.
Favorite Park The Pooch Park in Sacramento. There's a separate area for small dogs, so she doesn't have to hide behind me when a big dog gets too close.
Favorite Food Fromm's Duck and Sweet Potato with a little Missing Link mixed in.
Favorite Treat French fries, Merrick bully sticks and chicken strips (the doggie variety).
Favorite Toy Anything that makes noise - squeekies, rattles or talking toys.
Favorite Shows She doesn't watch TV, unless a phone or doorbell rings, then she barks at it.
Best Trick Barking at the FedEx lady, who has never seen her and thinks we have a big ferocious beast living in the back of our house.
Worst Trick Stealing food off of our dinner plates (HER best trick - worst for us!)
Favorite Moments Finding our sweet baby after searching for the perfect small dog for 2 years.
Embarassing Moments Chasing her around our condo complex before she knew her name - she thought it was a game and would make us chase her for about 1/2 an hour.
Likes Kitties! She's grown up with three cats and thinks she is one of them. Our big cat Gomez plays with her and gives her baths.
Dislikes Dogs and people she's never met. She also has a weird quirk with men in baseball hats - she won't stop barking at them.
My First Day Home We actually got Bowie the same day we were leaving for a road trip to the other side of the state for a week. Luckily I had been looking for a small dog for quite some time, so we had all the supplies and she was ready to go.
Petster Awards: Petster of the Month! September 2006 Petster of the Week! Week #39 of 2006 Petster of the Week! Week #38 of 2006 Petster of the Week! Week #37 of 2006 Petster of the Week! Week #36 of 2006
Bio Bowie is a rescue dog and was very ill for the first 3 months we had her. She spent more time at the vet's office than she spent at home her first 6 months!
About Me Bowie is named after David Bowie who has a blue and a brown eye, just like her!


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Profile Views: 145641

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Bowie's Blogs

Feb 02, 2009 Remove Vet Services Tax from the CA budget 1 Comments
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Nov 30, 2006 Go Cooper Go! 1 Comments
Nov 06, 2006 Woodford Photos with New Signs 3 Comments
Oct 13, 2006 September Winner - PLEASE READ 3 Comments
Sep 24, 2006 JUST ONE MORE TIME TO VOTE 7 Comments
Sep 17, 2006 Let's Keep It Up! 3 Comments
Sep 17, 2006 SUNDAY! It's vote time again! 3 Comments
Sep 14, 2006 Vote 4US Little Bit's 2 Comments
Sep 07, 2006 Super Double Fantabulous THANKS! 2 Comments
Sep 06, 2006 PLEASE VOTE FOR BOWIE :) 14 Comments
Sep 04, 2006 For Little Bit 6 Comments

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Posted By: 2012/02/03 11:15:06 AM
Hello Dear , My name is Mary, i have a warm and friendly feelings as i saw your profile today ,so i decided to leave a massage for you. if it Touches you to be a friend you can write back in my email address( that i can send to yo

Posted By: Shansai 2011/05/10 01:26:05 PM
but ur so cuuuute with that eyes hehe

Posted By: Shansai 2011/05/09 02:24:35 PM
wow ur in the coolest pets!!! but what's in ur eyes ?? o.O *confused

Posted By: PUTI 2009/08/28 02:34:51 PM
ur pet is amazing., :D especially those eyes! :D

Posted By: solo 2009/04/30 09:13:16 AM
hi!im new can you add me...

Posted By: Phoenix 2009/03/09 08:30:15 AM
im at heaven now im jolly i rest too at clouds

Posted By: Phoenix 2009/03/09 08:29:11 AM
you are so cute

Posted By: Phoenix 2009/03/09 08:28:44 AM
i have die because i have parasite bye

Posted By: Simon Edison 2009/02/14 12:11:23 AM
Hi Bowie Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted By: black Sabooh 2009/02/05 08:16:02 AM
You are so pretty Bowie. i think i have a crush on you, keep safe. kiss kiss to those pretty brown eyes.

Posted By: charming 2009/01/29 02:16:11 AM
hey bowie, i'm lucky to have u as a frend....keep safe my pal :)

Posted By: Kal-el 2008/12/25 02:21:41 AM
hi bowie, u're so cool...can't help but stare at ur mesmerizing eyes!...i'm kal-el by the way from the philippines jz wondrin' how'r we evr gonna meet! haha!

Posted By: Sharpay Rebullida Segovia 2008/12/07 09:09:04 AM
Hi there.. :)

Posted By: jamocha 2007/10/04 05:10:23 PM
hi new friend =) you're eyes are so lovely. two pretty colors =) <3

Posted By: Chance 2007/08/20 06:41:03 PM
YOU ARE SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: Mochi 2007/06/29 02:47:08 PM
oh bowie, your eyes are mesmorizing!

Posted By: ♥Zoey♥ 2007/04/25 06:20:37 PM

Posted By: Chloe 2007/03/30 12:04:47 AM
Hi Bowie!

Posted By: 2007/03/28 04:21:59 PM
You sure are a cutie !!!

Posted By: Simon Edison 2007/03/25 11:05:25 AM
Hey Bowie! We got a new dachsie puppy, come and check him out!

Posted By: Fade 2007/03/09 03:51:46 PM
Hey Bowie!

Posted By: Simon Edison 2007/02/06 09:41:23 PM
Happy New Year buddy cheers!

Posted By: Francis Rocks 2007/01/27 05:43:36 AM

Posted By: Samson lee 2007/01/09 09:20:24 AM
Sorry Samson lee 314012

Posted By: Samson lee 2007/01/09 09:19:57 AM
WHOA!!! Bowie? From Dogster????? Its Samson lee From dogster?

Posted By: 2007/01/07 06:10:17 AM
that was a wonderful thing you did congrads

Posted By: 2006/12/28 11:41:18 PM
Hey Bowie, your pics are just awesome! I love your eyes!

Posted By: ♠ Camelot ♥ 2006/12/15 07:28:15 AM
OMD! YOu are WAY too cute! I love dogs with one brown eye and one blue!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/12/10 08:34:05 AM
Hi Bowie! I just talked to Petster last week! How sweet! I can't wait for my story to be on here :) Thanks again for your support!

Posted By: nemo 2006/12/03 02:41:35 PM
Thanks for Everything Bowie... don't forget about me!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/12/02 05:24:28 PM
Thanks Bowie!!!!! I am sooo excited for the shelter that rescued me!! I can't wait to share the story either :) Have a great weekend!

Posted By: Toby 2006/11/08 07:17:13 AM
Bowie, my brother Nicky was from a puppy mill too. Horrible places they are! Glad you've found a great home:)

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/11/01 04:56:01 AM
Hi Bowie! :) Hope you had a fun halloween! :) Please remember me with a vote every week.. I am shooting for November now :) Thanks and Spread the word :)

Posted By: Francis Rocks 2006/10/22 06:26:26 PM

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/22 05:58:09 AM
Hi Bowie! I am still so excited u won in memory of Little bit... I bet little bit's family was touched :)

Posted By: Mackie- Brucinimar's Buckshot 2006/10/16 03:23:53 PM
Congratulations, Bowie!

Posted By: Francis Rocks 2006/10/13 09:42:30 PM
Honored to have been your campaign Manager Mrs. Rocks!

Posted By: Francis Rocks 2006/10/13 08:13:02 PM
Love the photos of Woodford Humane Society!!

Posted By: Bowie 2006/10/13 05:32:17 PM
Please read my latest blog entry. Thanks!

Posted By: Oscar 2006/10/13 02:35:04 PM
congrats bowie!!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/09 08:14:54 AM
Just stopping by to say hi :) Bark! Bark!

Posted By: Maudite 2006/10/07 05:10:12 AM
me-ow too. Congratulations for a good cause ≥≤

Posted By: Kingaires Rosedale Valley Boy 2006/10/07 05:06:35 AM
Congratulations ':}

Posted By: 2006/10/06 09:47:48 PM
bowie we hope you get as much votes as possible! :D I made a blog to! that says"vote for bowie" :P

Posted By: Sadie 2006/10/05 03:39:40 PM
Hi There - neat looking eyes. Mommy and I are a bit late, but ... congratulations.

Posted By: Cookie 2006/10/03 01:59:11 PM
We were all voting for you up here at the Rainbow Bridge. Lil Bit is smiling right now!

Posted By: Amber 2006/10/02 09:55:12 PM
Way to go Bowie, Little Bit is smiling down on you from the Bridge, think of how much good that money will do for the Woodford Shelter and all the animals there. Congrats to you for a job well done.

Posted By: Josie 2006/10/02 09:18:08 PM
Thank you, Bowie! Another wonderful way to honor our sweet Little Bit! Congrats, girl!!

Posted By: Kiko 2006/10/02 09:17:19 PM
Hooray, Bowie! That is so wonderful! You know Little Bit is smiling that wonderful smile down on you!!

Posted By: Nipper 2006/10/02 07:26:26 PM
Congratulations Bowie!

Posted By: MacKenzie 2006/10/01 09:24:04 PM
Hooray for Bowie!!!! Congratulations, Little Bit must be so proud!!!

Posted By: 2006/10/01 03:21:34 PM
Congradulations bowie!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/01 02:31:55 PM
Congrats again! Thanks for your vote :) Bark bark!

Posted By: Bowie 2006/10/01 12:06:03 PM
Thanks everyone - I am so excited! I can't wait to donate the money to Woodford for Little Bit!!!

Posted By: Pretty Boy Floyd 2006/10/01 10:02:37 AM
Yeah Bowie!!!

Posted By: Francis Rocks 2006/10/01 09:51:13 AM
Yeah Bowie! You did it sweetie! I hope all votes verify okay and you officially win for Little Bit's Humane Society!

Posted By: 2006/10/01 08:33:11 AM
Congrats Bowie!!! You had my votes from the first week of October!!! YAY!!!

Posted By: Uno 2006/10/01 05:43:37 AM
Bowie-Congrats on all the votes. I am hoping to do the same thing this month for Canine Castaways. I was the first Canine Castaway and am the official spokesdog now. It's so cool that we dogs can try to help other dogs like this..

Posted By: Simon Edison 2006/09/30 10:09:44 AM
Thanks for joining my new club Bowie, you will fit right in! Once we get 4 more memebers they will list us in the Pet Club directory, we are almost there!

Posted By: Simon Edison 2006/09/29 05:51:52 PM
we voted again Bowie, good luck! Oh, wanna join my new pet club I started, it's called DOGS WHO DIG DRESS-UP!

Posted By: MacKenzie 2006/09/28 07:47:13 PM
All paws crossed buddie!! Go Bowie, go!!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/09/28 11:27:47 AM
Go Bowie!!!! Only 2 more days til the month is over!!! :)

Posted By: Kemper 2006/09/28 09:41:47 AM
You're helping out a good cause... you've got my vote... Mocha's too

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/09/27 12:52:35 PM
Hi Bowie! Check out my newest blog... I put another plea for more votes plus share what you are going to be for halloween :) Bark! Bark!

Posted By: Harry 2006/09/27 10:45:32 AM
Go beautiful girl go! We are voting for you every week. Congrats to Vincent & Rosie for being #100

Posted By: Baxter 2006/09/24 10:14:44 PM
104!!! Go Bowie, Go!!!!!!!

Posted By: Vincent's Wild Irish Rose 2006/09/24 12:02:18 PM
We got to be vote 100!! Awesome!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/09/24 06:30:38 AM
Hi Bowie! I just voted! I really hope you win for Little Bit!!!!! Please consider me next month for the animal shelter affected by Hurricane Katrina... Have a great vote filled week!

Posted By: TOOTSIE ROLL 2006/09/24 03:58:25 AM
We voted, Bowie! Hope you win (for your family and the Humane Society)!

Posted By: Chloe the Chaotic 2006/09/22 05:05:15 PM
Bloggin' for your votes ... for Lil Bit!!!

Posted By: Amber 2006/09/21 10:30:11 PM
Hey Bowie add my pack to your friends list. Na~Na

Posted By: Bowie 2006/09/21 05:58:37 PM
Thanks so much Sadie, Miyagi, Frank, PBF, Mac and Simon - you guys rule! I'm sure Little Bit is thanking all of you from the Rainbow Bridge!

Posted By: Simon Edison 2006/09/21 07:11:30 AM
Dachsies rule! Hey Bowie, just checking in and voting for ya again..btw, check out my new "halloweenie" costume that Mommy bought me!

Posted By: MacKenzie 2006/09/20 10:05:14 PM
Another week....another vote for Mrs. Rocks!! Go Bowie!!

Posted By: Miyagi 2006/09/19 01:16:19 AM
Hi Bowie! I think you've got the coolest eyes! You've got my vote!

Posted By: 2006/09/18 06:59:23 PM
You've got our vote!

Posted By: Bowie 2006/09/17 10:56:50 PM
Thanks BUNCHES Casey, Vincent, Bailey and Inky!

Posted By: Inky 2006/09/17 10:29:46 PM
You're wish is my command. heehee Yes, we voted for ya! ;)

Posted By: ♣Sir Bailey Bowzer♣ 2006/09/17 05:09:53 PM
I voted again! Go Bowie Go!

Posted By: Riley 2006/09/17 12:07:07 PM
I voted for you. I too am trying to win for WFT rescue midwest. Good luck to you. R.

Posted By: Vincent's Wild Irish Rose 2006/09/17 10:24:21 AM
I've got my vote on!! Go Bowie!!

Posted By: Harry 2006/09/17 03:43:33 AM
BOL Bowie, Casey snuck in to vote and send you a message before I could. They are all so scared that I am going to flirt with you and you belong to Francis! Oh well! Licks and smooches anyway :)

Posted By: Casey 2006/09/17 03:40:48 AM
Hi Bowie, We have just cast this weeks vote for you. Remember every one to cast your vote again for Bowie, for LB. Doxie kisses to all, The Fur Baby Gang XOXOXOX

Posted By: Abby 2006/09/16 12:26:28 PM
I Bowie! I have seen you on Dogster. You might have seen me.

Posted By: Bowie 2006/09/15 12:41:32 PM
Thanks so much MacKenzie, Casey and Simon Edison! You're a huge help!

Posted By: Simon Edison 2006/09/15 11:56:21 AM
Yay, we voted for you Bowie, good luck!!!

Posted By: Casey 2006/09/15 11:55:11 AM
You go girl go! We are voting for you every week

Posted By: MacKenzie 2006/09/14 10:09:41 PM
Finally!! We were able to cast our vote for Bowie...we hope you will win for our friend Little Bit!

Posted By: Yoshi 2006/09/13 07:08:02 AM
Congratulations, Bowie, for being Petster of the Week!

Posted By: Bowie 2006/09/12 09:32:02 PM
WOW - thanks guys. You really are fabulous. Let's do this for Little Bit and Lyle and family!

Posted By: Vincent's Wild Irish Rose 2006/09/12 01:39:00 PM
Go Bowie!!!!

Posted By: Portia 2006/09/12 11:03:31 AM
voted again!

Posted By: Sandy 2006/09/12 08:13:29 AM
Voted. We hope you win. Best of luck.

Posted By: Inky 2006/09/11 08:52:32 PM
We voted too! I wish you much luck. Will be keeping Little Bit in our prayers.

Posted By: Bowie 2006/09/11 08:35:08 PM
Thanks so much everyone! I know Liitle Bit and her family will appreciate it!

Posted By: Ch Brooks Flyway EM Spirit of Texas 2006/09/11 06:25:41 PM
Voted! Good luck!

Posted By: Kiko 2006/09/10 09:02:07 PM
Voted! Hope you win!

Posted By: Lucky 2006/09/10 07:39:49 AM
I voted for you Bowie!! Good luck!

Posted By: ♣Sir Bailey Bowzer♣ 2006/09/10 07:10:52 AM
I voted for you! Go Bowie!

Posted By: Comu 2006/09/09 08:03:41 AM
Voted! Hurray for Bowie!

Posted By: Portia 2006/09/07 12:43:27 PM
I voted for you - hope i got it right

Posted By: Bowie 2006/09/06 09:35:50 PM
Thanks so much everyone for voting for me! XOXO

Posted By: Naila 2006/09/06 09:33:04 PM
That is such a sweet idea Bowie! I voted for you!

Posted By: 2006/09/06 09:15:47 PM
Yea! We voted! Hope it helps-=talker & savannah

Posted By: Kazu 2006/09/06 08:00:26 PM
Yep! The little stinker is here, too!

Posted By: Yoshi 2006/09/06 07:59:33 PM
Thanks Bowie!

Posted By: Lucky 2006/09/05 09:02:51 PM
Hey Bowie! We see you on Dosgter alot, and think you are too fun! Chat back sometime!

Posted By: Rosie 2006/09/05 07:48:38 AM
I voted for you sweetheart.

Posted By: Bowie 2006/09/04 04:15:35 PM
Hey Guys! Please vote for us to benefit the Woodford Humane Society on behalf of Little Bit and family. Please see my blog. Thanks! &

Posted By: LUI 2006/08/27 11:34:59 PM
Bowie.......U are one wicked woman....."who luvs ya baby?".....

Posted By: Vincent's Wild Irish Rose 2006/08/27 08:27:23 PM
Ours reset too - hooray!

Posted By: Casey 2006/08/24 09:57:19 AM
Hey Bowie, I try and try to keep Harry 'in line' but he has such a major crush on you that it is rather difficult. Even under the threat of Francis he sneaks off to view your pics and write to you. He is quite a handfull.

Posted By: Flecken 2006/08/24 12:35:07 AM
Yikes, Bowie! That pic of your dad is kinda scary! You obviously got your good looks from your mom! BOL!

Posted By: Casey 2006/08/23 07:16:37 PM
Go Bowie girl go, we're voting for you

Posted By: Elvis 2006/08/23 03:57:08 AM
Thanks for adding me as your friend!! You are really cute and look like you love to play just like me!!

Posted By: Leyna 2006/08/22 05:57:03 PM
Tweenie! Heehee!! That word just makes me giggle. Smooches Bowie girl!

Posted By: Naila 2006/08/22 04:11:55 PM
Thanks for the invite Bowie... still trying to get the hang of this thing!

Posted By: Flecken 2006/08/22 01:04:34 AM
Voted for ya! #1 dog of the week so far!

Posted By: Bowie 2006/08/21 08:32:36 PM
Hey guys - I just figured out you can VOTE WEEKLY! Yippee - off to vote for more pups!

Posted By: Maggie 2006/08/21 05:22:06 PM
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L eyes!!!!

Posted By: Harry 2006/08/20 08:18:45 PM
Congratulations on the most votes for the week. You are so cool and beautiful and I really love you. Doxie smooches XOXOXOXO

Posted By: Harry 2006/08/20 12:11:31 PM
Thank you so much Bowie for inviting me to join you on Petster. Best of all my rival Francis is not on here so can I flurt with you now. You know that I adore you!

Posted By: Cheech Louie 2006/08/20 02:51:19 AM
You're so beautiful!!!

Posted By: Willie 2006/08/19 02:14:50 PM
You're a cute little girl...and from the looks of the pictures you're about as spoiled as I am. I like my feline sister ok, actually...but I have to prove to her at least once a day that I'm the alpha male in this I throw myself on top of her.

Posted By: Kati Mae 2006/08/19 02:15:25 AM
You are pretty! Almost as pretty as me!

Posted By: Marlowe, Cheyenne and Apache 2006/08/18 11:27:09 PM
Whoo Hoo... Bowie! Hi gorgeous!

Posted By: Chloe the Chaotic 2006/08/18 10:37:45 PM
BOL...let the Chaos begin! Howldy Bowie! Hey...have you figured out how to *blog* yet???

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