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Owner: CanineCastaways

Chihuahua Dog Uno

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Gender: Female
Age: 53
Last Activity: 185 month(s) ago
Location: Arcadia, Florida
Country: United States

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Dog, Chihuahua

Dog, Chihuahua

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Dog, Chihuahua

Cat, Calico

Xena - Warrior Princess
Dog, chihuahua

Pet: Uno

Name Uno
Nickname Un Poquito
Species Dog
Breed Chihuahua
Pet Clubs: Chihuhuas Rule!!
Aye Chihuahua!
Petfinder Pets
Animal Rescues
Gender Male
Hometown ARCADIA
Country United States
Zipcode 34266
Birthdate 2003-09-11
Weight 6 pounds
Favorite Activity EATING, playing with toys, EATING, swimming, and did I mention EATING
Favorite Food ANYTHING!!
Favorite Treat ANYTHING!!
Favorite Toy Kong
Favorite Shows Scooby Doo
Best Trick Bobbing for fish food in the goldfish pond
Favorite Moments Hi, my name is Uno. They named me that because I was the very first Canine Castaway to be rescued.
Embarassing Moments Me without fur
Likes www.CanineCastaways.org
Dislikes having knee surgery, Hurricane Charlie
My First Day Home I was found wondering in the middle of a busy street and taken to animal control. I only weighed 2 pounds and was 3 months old. I had demodectic mange.
Awards Official Spokesdog for Canine Castaways, Petster of the Week
Petster Awards: Petster of the Month! October 2006 Petster of the Week! Week #44 of 2006 Petster of the Week! Week #43 of 2006 Petster of the Week! Week #42 of 2006
Bio Thanks to everyone who voted for me in October!!
About Me

My favorite swimming hole!!

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Votes this week: 0 Vote(s) Votes this month: 0 Vote(s)
Profile Views: 88126

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Uno's Blogs

Nov 03, 2006 PLEASE VOTE for COOPER DUKE in NOVEMBER!! 1 Comments
Oct 29, 2006 Happy Howl-o-ween!! 1 Comments
Oct 22, 2006 Yippee!! I'm Petster of the week!! 3 Comments
Oct 21, 2006 The Reason I am trying to win... 2 Comments
Oct 18, 2006 Not Much Time Left... 1 Comments
Oct 11, 2006 PLEASE VOTE for me!! 1 Comments
Oct 01, 2006 $1000 would almost cover 1 dog's Vet Bill 1 Comments
Oct 01, 2006 October is Adopt a Homeless Dog month!! 5 Comments
Sep 26, 2006 Help Canine Castaways 0 Comments

Uno's Comments
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Posted By: ASLAN 2008/11/25 04:53:55 PM
its cute look like a bat

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2007/02/28 11:00:00 PM
Hello my friend Uno! :)

Posted By: Eva Jo 2006/12/28 09:16:51 PM
how cute

Posted By: 2006/12/24 08:20:04 AM
Happy Holidays! :>D

Posted By: Camille 2006/12/20 03:57:24 PM
Aww! Cómo refresque Uno! Hehe, su bueno tener alguien que habla español conmigo! Su un perro mono! :)

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/12/01 10:11:05 AM
Thanks Uno!!! Your support really helped!! They need to get your picture up top!!!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/11/26 08:44:51 AM
THanks Uno for being my 1st vote!!! This is the last week!! I am keeping my paws crossed!! :)

Posted By: Napoleon Bonaparte 2006/11/21 02:13:12 PM
Happy Thanksgiving

Posted By: Napoleon Bonaparte 2006/11/21 02:12:53 PM
Uno we run across your profile almost everywhere, and love your pics, so I think we should be friends

Posted By: Camille 2006/11/20 02:46:48 PM
Hola to you too! Te quiero Uno! Cómo hace usted? Haha, do you speak Spanish well Uno?

Posted By: Owbo 2006/11/11 04:54:47 PM
good to meet you too

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/11/10 07:33:18 PM
Thank you for rallying with me Uno!!!!! Woof woof!

Posted By: Uno 2006/11/10 04:15:48 PM
Don't forget to vote for Cooper Duke in November!!

Posted By: Chi-chi-ti-MTM-AMOS 2006/11/07 08:05:45 PM
Congrats from one Canine Castaways Chihuahua Rescue to an other! See me celebrating your victory in my photographs? I am so happy that you were able to receive a little help with your big expenses.

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/11/04 07:24:37 AM
Uno I am very glad you won... Thanks you soooo much for supporting me for November!!! Please tell all of your Canine friends :)

Posted By: Uno 2006/11/03 03:25:56 AM
It was so hard to compete against my buddy Cooper Duke last month. He's got my vote for November!!

Posted By: Rusty Webster 2006/11/02 06:52:22 PM
Way to go, Uno Buddy!

Posted By: Shadow Handsome Man 2006/11/02 06:40:40 PM
Twas our pleasure to help y'all out! :=) Now this month we're doing good ole 'Duke'

Posted By: Uno 2006/11/02 06:05:24 PM
Thanks to everyone that voted for me in October! I know it will help my friends at Canine Castaways with all the dogs with special medical needs.

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/11/02 07:20:45 AM
Thank you SOO much Uno for your support!!!!! I am keeping my paws crossed to win this for the Louisiana shelter for November :)

Posted By: Uno 2006/11/02 07:11:42 AM
Thanks Cooper Duke!! Of course, we'll vote for you!!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/11/02 04:40:02 AM
Congrats Uno & Canine Castaways!! :) Please send a vote my way for the month of November... Thanks!!!

Posted By: Uno 2006/10/30 06:22:34 AM
Thanks so much to everybody that has voted for me. It would be so wonderful to win Petster of the month to help Canine Castaways!

Posted By: Uno 2006/10/29 05:48:52 PM
Remember, "Saving one dog may not change the world, but it will change the world for that dog!!"

Posted By: Uno 2006/10/29 05:37:39 PM
It has been so great to meet so many new friends from all over. There are so many great causes out there and Canine Castaways really aprpeciates the support.

Posted By: Shadow Handsome Man 2006/10/29 10:41:11 AM
We got your back, too, Uno!

Posted By: Gryphon 2006/10/29 06:21:10 AM
Hi Uno! I just voted for you again. GOOD LUCK!!

Posted By: 2006/10/28 07:17:12 PM
We're behind you, Uno!

Posted By: Rusty Webster 2006/10/28 07:16:45 PM
Go Uno! Your Pal Rusty

Posted By: Lacie Webster 2006/10/28 07:16:26 PM
We're still behind you, Uno!

Posted By: Max Laws 2006/10/28 09:53:23 AM
My family thinks they saved me, but I really know that I saved them.

Posted By: Uno 2006/10/27 04:27:18 AM
PS Don't forget to vote again Sunday or Monday.

Posted By: Uno 2006/10/27 04:26:43 AM
What a GREAT week!! Thanks so much everybody. It really means a lot. Canine Castaways just found out that another dog is going to need extra surgery so the $1000 would really help.

Posted By: 2006/10/26 06:18:36 AM
1 vote for Uno coming up!

Posted By: Lucy 2006/10/25 06:50:38 PM
Hi Cuz, I just voted for you. Good Luck!

Posted By: Cutie Pie 2006/10/25 06:16:56 PM
Hi Uno, I am new on the block and I just voted for you.

Posted By: Sparky 2006/10/25 12:43:21 AM
How is everyone @ CC? I miss volunteering! I have been trying to coordinate a day to stop by to say hi!! Hope all is well!

Posted By: Daisy Duke 2006/10/24 05:09:05 PM
Canine Castaways saved me too.. Love them!!

Posted By: Samson 2006/10/24 05:07:58 PM
Good boy Uno..help all the Castaways!!

Posted By: Simon Edison 2006/10/24 11:28:28 AM
Hello again Uno...to join my club just go to Pet Clubs and click on the DOGS WHO DIG DRESS UP link...good luck, see ya there!

Posted By: Esmerelda 2006/10/23 11:21:30 PM
You gotta ask for what you need and we gave you one!

Posted By: Kingaires Rosedale Valley Boy 2006/10/23 02:26:22 PM
Hiya Uno! thanks for the visit...just sent you another vote ':¬}

Posted By: Emmy 2006/10/23 12:11:33 PM
I voted for you this week Uno! I hope you win. =)

Posted By: Jeffrey 2006/10/23 08:26:10 AM
Hi Uno! My foster mom said Tarzan is wonderful. His foster mom adores him and he is starting hw treatment this week. I voted!

Posted By: Brandy 2006/10/23 06:17:02 AM
Heya Uno! of course i will vote for u again!! have a grrrrreat day! ~Brandy~

Posted By: Uno 2006/10/22 06:34:22 PM
Wow, I got Petster of the week!! Thanks to everybody that has voted for me!!

Posted By: Luciee 2006/10/22 06:26:35 PM
we voted 4 u!!! we had a awesome weekend thank you for the comment.. Hope u have a wonderful week a head of u..

Posted By: 2006/10/22 05:40:22 PM
We're behind you, Uno!

Posted By: Lacie Webster 2006/10/22 05:39:42 PM
You rule, Uno!

Posted By: Rusty Webster 2006/10/22 05:39:21 PM
We voted for you, Uno!

Posted By: Simon Edison 2006/10/22 09:39:55 AM
Hi I voted for ya...now come and join my club, DOGS WHO DIG DRESS UP! We would love to have ya!

Posted By: Uno 2006/10/21 05:56:11 PM
Thanks for the votes guys!!

Posted By: 2006/10/21 08:05:40 AM
Here's a vote for you Uno!

Posted By: Shadow Handsome Man 2006/10/20 09:00:29 PM
Yeah, I had a knee done several years ago. Odd thing is that it was on the same date as Peasy's, only a few years earlier (I think I had mine done in 03)

Posted By: Shadow Handsome Man 2006/10/20 12:23:28 PM
We voted for you and will be back again next week!

Posted By: PJ Pasquale 2006/10/20 12:16:22 PM
My brother, Shadow, had one knee done, too, a few years ago, and he's leaping again better than he did before the surgery. Mine were just too bad for 100% healing. But I do pretty well for myself.

Posted By: Maybelle 2006/10/20 09:02:45 AM
UNO and Canine Castaways is the Greatest! Takes more than mommy's illness to stop us from voting! Me and My Brothers, Timmy and Amos, and Mommy

Posted By: 2006/10/17 08:26:52 PM
I voted for you this week Uno!

Posted By: Uno 2006/10/17 07:31:55 AM
Thanks for the votes!! Keeping my paws crossed!

Posted By: Jeffrey 2006/10/17 06:12:14 AM
Hi Uno! I voted for you this week!

Posted By: Brandy 2006/10/17 05:43:36 AM
Heya Uno!!! Why wudn't any1 vote for u!! Ur soooooo cute and adorable!!! I hope we stay in touch Uno! Bye woof woof! ~Brandy~

Posted By: 2006/10/16 05:14:41 PM
You're very welcome uno:> Anytime!

Posted By: 2006/10/16 02:26:05 PM
Why thank you:> I am the king of the household.....well except for daddy:>

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/16 05:30:47 AM
PS- I am very glad you lived through Hurricane Charley!! They are scary aren't they? My mom has never been through one and I hope I don't have to go through one ever again. Glad we can be friends.

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/16 05:29:45 AM
Thanks Uno! I feel the same... Canine Castaways sounds like they are doing AMAZING things for animals!! So many shelters and organizations need help so at least this is going on until September so more organizations can have this wonderful opportunity!

Posted By: Hope 2006/10/15 10:33:36 PM
Hi Uno you're looking good (like always) you got my vote .... Hugs > Hopey Girl

Posted By: Rusty Webster 2006/10/15 07:39:35 PM
You have my vote! Good Luck!

Posted By: Lacie Webster 2006/10/15 07:39:08 PM
We voted for you Uno! Good Luck!

Posted By: Regis 2006/10/15 12:24:50 PM
Uno, hope you win, without you and CastAways I wouldn't have found my new mon that loves me more than any thing!

Posted By: Uno 2006/10/15 07:36:29 AM
Remember to vote this week. I have a long way to go to try to help the other Canine Castaways but every vote helps!!

Posted By: Uno 2006/10/15 07:35:48 AM
If you are a current or former Petfinder Pet, please join my club by clicking the link above!!

Posted By: Rosie 2006/10/13 03:12:13 PM
Woof! Hi Uno, I voted for you!

Posted By: Mischief 2006/10/13 07:40:27 AM
Hi Uno! All of my furry family came from shelters- the one my sister and I came from was a "medical" shelter, too. I voted for you.

Posted By: Luciee 2006/10/12 12:56:06 PM
Have a gr8 Day & Weekend!!!

Posted By: Emmy 2006/10/11 05:27:01 PM
I voted for you! I was taken to animal control too!

Posted By: Jeffrey 2006/10/11 11:43:22 AM
Hi Uno! I am Ruby's foster brother and my foster mom says she has met you and Cricket. We voted for you!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/11 11:41:56 AM
Hi Uno! I just did yesterday... whoops!!

Posted By: Pepe LePew 2006/10/10 05:45:54 AM
Uno, thanks to Canine Castaways, I was rescued, too!! I would love for C/C to win $1,000 to help pay all the vet bills! Love and kisses, Pepe

Posted By: Harry 2006/10/07 10:08:58 PM
Uno " You are the winner in my eyes lots of LUCK love & kisses from Harry Potter (the Otter)

Posted By: 2006/10/05 06:20:30 AM
Awwww... You're so cute!!! Pals?

Posted By: Brando(in loving memory) 2006/10/02 10:05:42 PM
I was resuced from the street, I weathered many storms, literally, and they made me weird when it rained. I hope you are ok when it rains.

Posted By: Esmerelda 2006/10/02 10:04:48 PM
Hi Uno, my vote is with you, and so is my brother's! I'm so glad you were rescued from that hell!

Posted By: Gryphon 2006/10/01 12:42:55 PM
My mom wanted me to ask you to tell your mom "Thanks for the help!" And GOOD LUCK with the voting!

Posted By: 2006/10/01 11:33:00 AM
you look like you would be a great furry friend, UNO!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/01 06:23:07 AM
Hi Uno!! Join my club Hurricane Katrina Survivors... You have my vote!! Vote for me also :) Bark bark!

Posted By: Rocky 2006/09/27 05:00:37 PM
I have to yak on this blog too - good seeing you in person today, Uno. You have lost some serious lbs and you are looking SWEET! And we love those Uno-kisses

Posted By: Dickens 2006/09/26 05:37:15 PM
How do I add to your blog, Uno?

Posted By: Dickens 2006/09/26 05:10:52 PM
Hi Uno - wish I could "see" ya

Posted By: Opie 2006/09/25 05:50:17 PM
Leon like u'r sister and I like u (U have such beautiful eye's)

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