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Beige Chinchilla Mocha

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Gender: Female
Age: 39
Last Activity: 57 month(s) ago
Location: Auburn, New York
Country: United States

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Dog, Mix: pug, doxie, beagle + terrier

Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP)
Chinchilla, Drak Grey

CoCo (RIP)
Chinchilla, Mix between beige and grey

Chinchilla, Silver

Chinchilla, Beige

Dog, White German Shepherd

Dog, Siberian Husky

Pet: Mocha

Name Mocha
Nickname Mocha Baby, Baby Head, da Bubba
Species Chinchilla
Breed Beige
Against Puppymills
Gender Female
Hometown AUBURN
Country United States
Zipcode 13021
Birthdate 2005-10-28
Height Short
Weight A lady never tells
Favorite Activity Chew, cuddle, roll in my ball, and ride in the car
Favorite Park Under the bed
Favorite Food Pellets with timothy hay
Favorite Treat Papaya and Raisins... mmmm... dried cherries and cranraisins too
Favorite Toy Cardboard tubes and bells... I love rolling in the big plastic ball
Favorite Shows Gilmore Girls! & Project Runway
Favorite Music Michael Buble` & Julie Roberts
Favorite Movies All scary movies
Best Trick Giving kisses and sitting on my mom's shoulder while she drives
Worst Trick Getting dust all over the XBOX, and grinding my teeth
Favorite Moments When we have company everyone wants to hold and pet me! When I go with my mom to her acupuncture appt I get a nice massage!
Embarassing Moments Whenever I eat holes in my dad's clothes I get yelled at
Likes Cuddling with Bruno and having my ears rubbed, getting kisses. I love dust baths and dried out gourd rings.
Dislikes Getting humped by Bruno and I hate yogart treats
My First Day Home I was supposed to be a Christmas present for my mom, but my dad couldn't wait and gave me to her early, she was so excited she cried
Awards Calmest Chinchilla Ever
Bio My tail is shorter than most other chins, and the same goes for my ears. On avergage I am smaller than most eventhough I am 2 years old.
About Me CoCo and I are livin in the big cage now...

Yum Yum Yum

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Mocha's Blogs

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Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/11/01 04:31:45 PM

Posted By: Mocha 2007/11/01 04:30:38 PM
YAY! I am 2 years old now!

Posted By: Jasper 2007/08/13 11:08:36 PM
Mom told me that you had a baby and congratulations!! She said to let her know about Wednesday...too bad you and the baby couldn't come, I think Uncle Lucky would try and eat you both.

Posted By: Alvin 2007/08/13 08:02:07 AM
OMG! Congrats Mocha!! That is so funny but cool at the same time:) You will have to tell your mom to post pics soon!!!

Posted By: Apple 2007/08/12 10:19:41 AM
Congratulations, Mocha! ChiChi passed on the news, and I'm so happy for you! I bet your baby is super adorable! AWWW... =D

Posted By: Chasel Tiny 2007/08/12 09:35:31 AM
Congratulations!!! I bet it'd fit on my nose. ;)

Posted By: Mocha 2007/08/12 02:54:12 AM
I'm a mommy!!!

Posted By: Alvin 2007/08/11 10:04:39 PM
LoL well let us know if they have any of them where you are. We only have the elephant and lion head here. I am small too. Although mom thinks I have gotten fatter since they got me. Look at cat clothing dress ups they may be small enough:)

Posted By: Alvin 2007/08/11 12:06:33 AM
lol mom found a cat hat at Target and it took her forever to get me to put it on. She loves the christmas hat pics you have though. So adorable:P

Posted By: Alvin 2007/08/04 09:00:22 PM
LoL really? I didn't know they sold those. But thanks for telling me. I may get one now! Its ok to be busy though we understand! Hope you have a good weekend

Posted By: Snickers (In Loving Memory) 2007/07/30 04:01:49 PM
Hey I'm not a Chinchilla but I'm adding you as a friend your really cute !!

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/24 08:31:06 AM
Oh wow how much was the shipping?? Mom didn't even look at that. You know you can try ebay. Sometimes my mom finds great deals on stuff for us. She just bought us like 25 hanging chew toys with the flavored wood. What kind of wheel did you end up getting?

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/24 08:28:51 AM
Are you serious?? I would hate that. Is it a smaller pet store or like Petco? You know we have this huge pet "store" once a year at our expo center where all these vendors you would never know about show up and have some great stuff for awesome prices.

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/20 11:17:04 AM
LOL omg thatís funny. We use to do that with some of our hamster wheels and they did the same thing :-p. Yeah they can be so loud sometimes. You have the flying saucer wheel though??? Is it cool??

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/18 08:54:11 AM
lol Yeah my wheel annoys everyone because i run crazy in it. My mom is going to look into the toys for me. Thanks! I want so much stuff to chew on :-p

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/07/17 07:35:52 PM
I like to chew on the cardboard box that the ferrets play in-I hope it annoys them:)

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/07/17 07:29:22 PM
My sister got a hammock&a teddy to sleep w/that she seems to love,but I don't care for stuffed toys.I like the window,my mom,&having the run of the house:)

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/17 08:12:25 AM
Yeah I have a wheel that my previous owner got me. Its from chinworld. My mom wants to get the flying saucer though hehe. It looks incredibly fun!!!Do you have one? And where do you buy your bird todays. You should look at FORCHINATE. Mocha got me hooked!

Posted By: Scarface 2007/07/16 10:54:12 PM
Oh my goodness, you are stinkin adorable!! Thank you for my comment, momma loves the pink car too!

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/07/16 09:30:58 AM
That sounds so nice&comfy!Now I can tell Bella that I'm not crazy b/c u guys do it too:)

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/16 12:16:19 AM
Yeah I have heard that males down get along too well with each other. We almost got him a brother to play with but decided not to. I wish I could give him more exciting things to do.

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/07/14 09:01:18 PM
I love the window in any season,I really love to lay on a hot heater-don't know why-mom keeps me safe w/towels.Can u put in a good word for me w/Bruno?

Posted By: Alvin 2007/07/13 01:42:40 PM
That is so cute!I bet my mom wishes I would do that lol. I wonder if I am wanting female attention? Maybe thats why I am being more active than normal.

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/11 10:45:11 AM
My sister is a little strange.I love the chinchiller,but Spritie won't go near it!

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/10 04:17:10 PM
Thanks for the cooling tips,mom has an AC in every room-My sister loves the heat tho-weird huh?

Posted By: Bella (RIP my sweet girl) 2007/07/10 04:13:50 PM
I'm so sorry about Kemper-I hope things get easier for u.I never got attached to another chin before.

Posted By: Spritie-RIP-mom misses her angel:( 2007/06/28 11:16:30 PM
Sorry it took me so long-mom is not too good w/the computer!I hope we can be friends:)

Posted By: ChiChi Bobishere 2007/06/10 01:40:28 AM
thanks! your chin is the cutest! i love the little pink bow tie!!! =)

Posted By: Apple Jack 2007/06/04 07:09:55 PM
your pet is adorable!

Posted By: 2007/06/02 04:34:12 PM
Actually, yes i did! We had "birthday cinnamon rolls" for breakfast. (Mommy's crazy, but not crazy enough to go buy a cake!), i got a new mr. raggy, and everyone sang for me!

Posted By: 2007/05/20 01:37:50 PM
Hmm lemme see if i can help! In your about me or bio section, you have the most space, so you can always delete the text there and add music. If it's from imeem, make sure to check "auto play" that can sometimes be a problem.

Posted By: Simon Edison 2007/05/18 04:30:53 PM
Hey Mocha wassup?

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2007/04/22 02:16:15 PM
Stopping by to say hi! :)

Posted By: Tinsel 2007/04/14 02:04:48 PM
Hi Mocha, The Easter Bunny (a cousin) left me some delicious treats and a few plastic eggs to play with. I hope you, Bruno, your Mom and Dad had a nice Easter. I hope the weather gets warm soon, I love to jump around in the yard.

Posted By: Shadow 2007/04/14 01:51:44 PM
HI Mocha, Anytime you and Bruno need help with the liquor drinking man in your home, let me know. Tinsel and I will pay him a visit :}

Posted By: 2007/04/11 10:48:19 AM
Why thank you Mocha :> Typist tried to put in songs that i like or ones that remind her of me. Maybe she should take a vid of me dancing soon!

Posted By: Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP) 2007/04/10 08:31:45 PM
YAY Mocha! My pics are finally posted!

Posted By: Jasper 2007/04/09 07:35:15 AM
Hapy Easter, the bunny got me some special doggy only easter treats. I don't know how he get in the house without me and Lucky spotting me, but I am glad he did :) Did you get anything?

Posted By: Jasper 2007/04/05 07:37:22 AM
Mom was going to type something really mean, I think she said something about biting a guy's rear end.

Posted By: Miss Taloola Kaye 2007/04/05 01:36:48 AM
You are so cute Mocha - Thank you! TK

Posted By: Jeffrey 2007/03/23 04:44:44 PM
Hi Mocha! I'm sorry your friend died. I was very sad to read that. I hope you're doing ok.

Posted By: blue boy 2007/02/28 03:41:52 PM
my mom loves chinchillas

Posted By: Jasper 2007/02/09 09:38:41 PM
Mom put a few new pictures up of me. too bad she is in them :)

Posted By: Shadow 2007/02/04 08:48:21 PM
Mocha, Tinsel and I are so sad about having lost a cousin. Mocha come visit with us any time. Although is has been but a week since our beloved Kemper was with us.... he will never be forgotten. We miss him, but we know he's in a happy place.

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2007/02/04 11:27:17 AM
Hi Mocha... I just thought I would drop by and say hi....

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2007/01/29 09:24:06 AM
Mocha! I am SOOO sorry!!! My mommy and I shed a tear when we heard this... You and your family are in our prayers right now!

Posted By: Mocha 2007/01/28 10:28:46 PM
Today is a very sad day, as Kemper has unexpectedly passed away. I will miss my best friend, and my soul mate. He will forever be loved and terribly missed by humans and animals alike. He had a character like none I have ever seen. He lived a good life.

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/21 05:13:27 PM
Mocha you look marvelous in pink! I just love the bow on your head. Tell Kemper Tinsel and I said hello :)

Posted By: Mocha 2007/01/12 11:56:52 AM
Dear All, Thanks for all the emails, pats, and friend requests. Kemper and I have had a very full holiday season with many parties to attend and gifts to open. So we would like to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

Posted By: Mocha 2006/11/27 01:06:31 PM
Mom is very upset! She has lost the memory stick with all our cute halloween photos on it :(

Posted By: Napoleon Bonaparte 2006/11/03 11:58:51 AM
Thanks mocha is was a gift from my girlfriends mom, we think you are just the cutest too

Posted By: Tinsel 2006/10/30 04:59:35 PM
Happy birthday to you and Kemper. I hope you both had a wonderful day. I hope you both received alot of treats. You're both sooo cute. I am glad to hear that your mommy came back sooner than expected.

Posted By: Chubby Checkers 2006/10/28 05:37:45 AM
Happy Birthday Mocha! :)

Posted By: Peanut 2006/10/20 04:00:14 AM
What a pretty pose!

Posted By: Africa 2006/10/19 04:44:35 PM
I meant to say my brother, nemo... sorry!

Posted By: Africa 2006/10/19 04:43:53 PM
the outfit is too cute, you match nicely!!!! would you consider voting for me for petster of the month?? pretty please?

Posted By: 2006/10/08 06:43:18 PM
Thanks! On my dropshots(link on my page) you can see the TONS of pics me playing ball before I actually took the picture. Mommy says I'm eaisly distracted:>

Posted By: 2006/10/03 04:56:21 PM
mocha what an adorable bow :) you look like a princess :P

Posted By: Bubba *In Memory Of* 2006/09/18 02:02:53 PM
How cute!! Playing nintendo!

Posted By: Chubby Checkers 2006/09/07 02:56:11 PM
Thanks for the vote, I voted for you too!!! I hope a little furry wins!!!

Posted By: Pnut 2006/08/28 09:01:46 PM
Aww thanks for the snack! it was mighty tasty!

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