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Owner: Trashley22

Silver Chinchilla Kemper

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Gender: Female
Age: 39
Last Activity: 57 month(s) ago
Location: Auburn, New York
Country: United States

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Dog, Mix: pug, doxie, beagle + terrier

Bruno Rocky Jr. (RIP)
Chinchilla, Drak Grey

CoCo (RIP)
Chinchilla, Mix between beige and grey

Chinchilla, Silver

Chinchilla, Beige

Dog, White German Shepherd

Dog, Siberian Husky

Pet: Kemper

Name Kemper
Nickname Big Boy, Fluffy Butt, Lumpkin
Species Chinchilla
Breed Silver
Pet Clubs: Chinnie Chin Chins
Gender Male
Hometown AUBURN
Country United States
Zipcode 13021
Birthdate 2003-10-28
Weight Big ball-o-fluff
Favorite Activity Sleeping, running free, hiding in tight spaces and refusing help when I get stuck... bein naughty
Favorite Park Under the bed
Favorite Food Pellets with timothy hay
Favorite Treat Anything as long as its not a pellet, mmmm... dried cherries and cranraisins
Favorite Toy I'm to lazy to play with toys and I hate going into that plastic ball
Favorite Shows None
Favorite Music Heavy Metal! ManOwaR!
Favorite Movies All scary movies
Best Trick Bouncing off the wall at high speeds to get to high places and shelves
Worst Trick Eating important things like phone cords and my dads high school diploma
Favorite Moments Sneaking out of the cage
Embarassing Moments Falling off my house and repeatedly falling out of the hammock
Likes My roomate Mocha and stealing treats fom her. I LOVE dust baths!
Dislikes When Mocha humps me back or getting kisses from my mom and being held
My First Day Home My mom wanted to name me Randolph, but my dad insisted on the cool name Kemper (taken from a character in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake)
Awards Prettiest, Softest Coat
Bio On Jan 28 Kemper passed away. He was very much loved.
About Me This christmas season we would like everyone to remeber the loved ones we have lost this past year. We miss you Kemp, everyday!!!


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Votes this week: 1 Vote(s) Votes this month: 2 Vote(s)
Profile Views: 87352

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Kemper's Blogs

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Posted By: Pooki ~ in loving memory 2007/07/18 11:24:40 PM
Hi Kemper - I left very suddenly and unexpectedly. To make mommy feel better, daddy has made arrangements to get my ashes back. Hope I find you up in chin-chin heaven!

Posted By: Alvin 2007/06/14 12:49:21 PM
Hi:) Yeah my mom just adopted me and so she thought I needed other chin friends!

Posted By: Parchofi 2007/06/04 07:05:22 PM
Hee Hee i like you hats too!

Posted By: Belle 2007/05/25 06:08:00 PM
lol thanks

Posted By: ♥Spartan♥{R.I.P.} 2007/05/07 10:44:50 PM
awwww thanks :)

Posted By: ♥Spartan♥{R.I.P.} 2007/05/06 04:17:10 PM

Posted By: Mocha 2007/04/05 01:37:46 AM
Dear Kemper, I still miss you very much!!!

Posted By: Simon Edison 2007/02/02 09:04:37 PM
R.I.P. Kemp,,,WE are all so sad at your passing, we will miss you very much. We will post a memoriam on our Dogs WHO DIG DRESS UP club site.

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2007/01/29 09:25:21 AM
Kemper - you are not only missed by your loving family, but by your petster friends! I am glad I got to become your friend online and I will look for you one day over the rainbow bridge!

Posted By: Mocha 2007/01/28 09:55:53 PM
Today Kemper passed away and went over the rainbow bridge. It was all very sudden and we are very saddened by his loss. Please check the blog for more info. -Love, Mocha-

Posted By: Simon Edison 2007/01/28 03:04:51 AM
Happy New Year to my fave chinchillas, Cheers, Simon

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2007/01/18 08:33:21 AM
Hi Kemper! :) Thanks for stopping by and saying hi... I am glad you got LOTS of presents!! :) Did you make a New Years resolution? WOL

Posted By: Jasper 2007/01/16 06:05:19 PM
both me and my mom are good. Kemper did you move with your mom or are you still close to me? Of course mom gave me tons of gifts and Santa did too! Do you know when you mom is going to be back in town? Love-Jasper

Posted By: Kemper 2007/01/12 11:55:23 AM
Dear All, Thanks for all the emails, pats, and friend requests. Mocha and I have had a very full holiday season with many parties to attend and gifts to open. So we would like to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

Posted By: Cocoa 2007/01/10 03:42:40 PM

Posted By: 2006/12/27 08:46:05 AM
Voted for you again ;>

Posted By: Olive 2006/12/01 05:56:00 AM
Kemper, have I got a hat for you. You can work those cone hats better than anyone! xo Olive

Posted By: Maudite 2006/11/29 08:53:39 AM
Kemper...just want you to know that it is you I Have been voting for...the no-hat pix got me confused. Me-ow!

Posted By: Otis 2006/11/27 06:44:08 PM
Hi how are you i haven't talked to you in a while! ;-)

Posted By: Kemper 2006/11/27 01:07:03 PM
Mom is very upset! She has lost the memory stick with all our cute halloween photos on it :(

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/11/23 09:42:51 AM
Happy Thanksgiving to you too!! :) I am counting on some Turkey at my family's house :)

Posted By: Maudite 2006/11/20 03:33:07 PM
Miss the hat, but heres another kitty vote for Chubbs ≥≤

Posted By: 2006/11/19 07:36:03 AM
A little vote for a little chin:> Have a great day!-Boomer:>

Posted By: nemo 2006/11/03 08:12:08 PM
I'm honored that such a cutie voted for me:)

Posted By: nemo 2006/11/02 08:46:28 PM
i really like your new outfit. very very cute!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/11/02 04:37:24 AM
Thanks again for the vote Kemper!! :) I really appreciate it...

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/11/01 04:46:38 AM
Hi Kemper :) Hope you had a great birthday!! Thanks for the continued support... Shooting for November now :)

Posted By: Simon Edison 2006/10/29 05:56:44 PM
Happy Belated bday Kemp, where's the pic of you as Darth Vader, can't wait to see it...

Posted By: 2006/10/28 06:12:55 PM
Happy Birdday kemper! sorry I'm a day late:

Posted By: Chubby Checkers 2006/10/28 05:37:11 AM
Happy Birthday!!!! :)

Posted By: Bubbles 2006/10/27 06:48:49 PM
Hi Kemper... You are right... I wrote into petster but I haven't heard back... Poor Chubby Checkers and Cooper "Duke" have no chance now....

Posted By: Bubbles 2006/10/27 12:33:22 PM
Thanks! You look so cute in the hat. :)

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/26 09:58:20 AM
Thanks for the vote and support! :)

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/26 08:02:56 AM
That is awesome your b-day is coming up! You have to get a little party hat like my sister, bubba had! :)

Posted By: Bubbles 2006/10/25 05:10:43 PM
Hi Kemper :) I voted for you.. Check out my newest blog..

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/22 02:45:49 PM
Hi Kemper... Another week another vote.... please vote for me too :)

Posted By: 2006/10/21 04:14:11 PM
A little vote for Kemper:>

Posted By: Chubby Checkers 2006/10/20 06:52:09 AM
I don't know, it seems like every month goes to the dogs! :(

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/20 04:36:39 AM
Hi Kemper! :) I hope your mommy had fun! Thanks for the vote!!! Any fun plans this weekend?

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/15 11:15:42 AM
Hi Kemper! :) Getting ready for halloween? You are going to be scary :) Please vote for me this week if you have an extra one :)

Posted By: Chubby Checkers 2006/10/09 02:20:54 PM
Wait! I forgot to vote for you this week! Here ya go, you're to scary not to vote for!

Posted By: Chubby Checkers 2006/10/08 11:14:27 AM
Sorry about the Chins not being on the site :( My mommy said she will write the sites administrators and suggest you all. They do support a wide variety of other animals though, don't ya think?!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/04 02:52:46 PM
Love the new halloween costume!! :)

Posted By: Chubby Checkers 2006/10/03 03:58:18 PM
Thanks Kemp! I'm sad about my buddy :( I like your new pic, my mom loves freddy! Here's a vote for you!

Posted By: Simon Edison 2006/09/30 10:21:34 AM
Hi Kemp, I am digging th hats, I like 'em too.. maybe dad will buy you a black cape and a mini light saber for Halloween!

Posted By: Owbo 2006/09/28 02:39:25 PM

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/09/28 11:26:34 AM
Hi Kemper! I think you would make a CUTE Darth Vader!!! :)

Posted By: ROSCO 2006/09/27 08:55:33 PM

Posted By: Pouncival 2006/09/27 04:55:40 PM
Thanks for the hello post, Kemper. You are adorable :-)

Posted By: Chubby Checkers 2006/09/24 05:15:09 PM
Another week, Another vote!!! :)

Posted By: Kingaires Rosedale Valley Boy 2006/09/24 07:06:36 AM
I voted for you again this week. Good luck ':}

Posted By: Bubba *In Memory Of* 2006/09/23 08:51:33 AM
I did thank you :) Is that a birthday hat you are wearing?

Posted By: Roustabout *My Angel in Heaven* 2006/09/21 02:07:18 PM
I've been scared, but everyone has been friendly here, thanks! :)

Posted By: Chubby Checkers 2006/09/19 12:43:06 PM
Hi Kemper, I voted for you!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/09/18 02:08:29 PM
Hi Kemper! :) I just voted for ya!

Posted By: Pita 2006/09/15 08:52:05 AM
Haha, yes I love to nibble on books. It makes me smarter :)

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/09/15 08:39:21 AM
Thanks for the vote!!! :) I am all out this week but will vote for you next week!!

Posted By: Tasha 2006/09/14 11:43:58 AM
Thank you very much!! I think you are quite cute yourself!

Posted By: Spike 2006/09/13 06:07:24 AM
YAY chins!!

Posted By: Chubby Checkers 2006/09/12 01:00:29 PM
That's a good idea, Kemp. I'm glad animals can benefit from the contest now! YEAH for us!

Posted By: 2006/09/12 06:58:08 AM
Aw thanks! Ill vote for you too

Posted By: Chubby Checkers 2006/09/11 12:54:15 PM
A new week, another vote!!! I voted for you again, b/c you are SO cool!!! Good luck!

Posted By: Minou 2006/09/10 07:35:46 PM
Lookin good Kemper! Last month we voted for the wire fox terriers, this month, let's get you cute furry guys!

Posted By: Millie 2006/09/10 06:58:23 PM
We're voting for the cute little furries this month, BOL !!! Good Luck Kemper!!

Posted By: Wrigley 2006/09/08 09:09:31 PM
Hi cutie!

Posted By: Chubby Checkers 2006/09/06 03:21:39 PM
You are definitely lucky to be a chin then!!!

Posted By: Cookie 2006/09/05 04:15:53 PM
You have my vote and my eartly brother, Fletcher's too!

Posted By: Pnut 2006/09/03 01:23:58 PM
Thanks for the snack and vote! Im giving you a vote too! Your hat is sooo cute!

Posted By: Chubby Checkers 2006/09/03 12:16:26 PM
Voted for you! I hope you win, you're so cute!!!! I love your hat! :) Good luck!

Posted By: Kingaires Rosedale Valley Boy 2006/09/03 12:03:33 AM
Youve got my vote ':}

Posted By: Chubby Checkers 2006/08/30 12:46:16 PM
Don't worry Kemper, I caved too! ;) Had to vote for a good cause. We'll definitely work to make September the small & furry friend MONTH! :)

Posted By: Kingaires Rosedale Valley Boy 2006/08/29 11:01:37 PM
Thanks for your vote! Gentle kisses from your *dog* friend ':}

Posted By: Chubby Checkers 2006/08/27 07:57:53 PM
Hi Kemper! I voted for you because I still think you are the cutest! I also hope we can get a small/furry friend to win Petster of the Week, instead of another dog! *hugs*

Posted By: ROSCO 2006/08/24 05:22:12 AM

Posted By: ROSCO 2006/08/22 01:48:57 AM

Posted By: Chubby Checkers 2006/08/15 01:09:55 PM
Hey Kemper! I think you're SO cute, so I voted for you! I hope you win, you deserve it!!!

Posted By: Abelard 2006/08/06 05:56:55 PM
Has to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

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