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Owner: beane

Jack Russell Terrier Dog ♥Zoey♥

beane's Profile

Gender: Female
Age: 34
Last Activity: 154 month(s) ago
Country: Canada

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beane's Kennel

Cat, cat

Cat, cat

Dog, Pug

Cat, cat

Dog, jack Russell Terrier/Pug

Dog, Pug

Dog, jack Russell Terrier/Pug

Cat, cat

Cat, cat

Dog, Jack Russell Terrier

Pet: ♥Zoey♥

Name ♥Zoey♥
Nickname ZoZo,zoe beane, beane,zoey boi
Species Dog
Breed Jack Russell Terrier
Pet Clubs: Against Puppymills
Gender Female
Hometown alberta
Country Canada
Birthdate 2001-10-31
Favorite Activity walking
Favorite Park Dog Park
Favorite Food sandwiches
Favorite Treat beef jerk treats
Favorite Toy squrriel
Favorite Shows M.A.S.H.
Favorite Music country
Favorite Movies Charlettes web
Best Trick sit
Worst Trick laydown
Favorite Moments camping
Embarassing Moments getting sick
Likes walks
Dislikes getting in trouble
My First Day Home Whent to A&W and had a burger
Awards the cutest dog in the univers
Bio I was born on october 31 2001 I'm 5 years old i was adopted when I was 10 months old
About Me I Had Three Puppies But One Died So Now I Have A Boy Brutis And A Girl Z.B.

Zoey and the puppies

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♥Zoey♥'s Statistics

On Cool Lists: 10 Pats Received: 3
Votes this week: 1 Vote(s) Votes this month: 7 Vote(s)
Profile Views: 78428

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♥Zoey♥'s Comments
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Posted By: Chloe 2008/07/18 04:14:17 PM
Awww, your babies are beautiful!! I'll take the girl!!! lol!!

Posted By: 2008/03/25 04:34:00 PM

Posted By: 2008/03/12 06:15:50 PM
2 cute...............

Posted By: Belle 2008/02/21 06:52:12 PM
aww thats good

Posted By: Belle 2008/02/18 07:30:50 PM
awww thats soooo sad :( i hope you mom feels better

Posted By: Belle 2008/01/19 06:35:45 PM
your welcome :) so anything new going on in your life? (sorry if i had just asked that)

Posted By: Belle 2008/01/16 04:34:11 AM
nm awwww your pups are soooo cuteee just like you i'm not sure i already told you that but i'm telling you now or again i love you and your puppys

Posted By: Belle 2007/12/20 08:46:44 PM
aw i will have to look

Posted By: Belle 2007/11/16 09:06:43 PM
you should get pics of you pupies on here

Posted By: Belle 2007/11/16 09:06:26 PM
aw thats sad that one died 2 of my pupies died :( 1 boy and 1 girl :(

Posted By: Belle 2007/11/12 08:56:49 PM
awww i had 8 pups

Posted By: Belle 2007/11/11 02:00:14 AM
AWWWWWW youm are do you know how many your haveing?!?!??!???

Posted By: Belle 2007/10/12 02:02:35 PM
yup and she LOVES it too lol

Posted By: Belle 2007/10/11 04:02:10 PM
nm my mom got a hair cute :D

Posted By: Belle 2007/09/24 01:43:25 PM
yup you should gte one!!

Posted By: Belle 2007/09/22 02:33:03 PM
nothing much gumbo got a doggspaces and he loves it too

Posted By: Belle 2007/09/12 11:47:03 PM
well i got to go for a walk it was so fun!!

Posted By: Belle 2007/09/07 08:11:33 PM
:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D have a grrrreat day!!!

Posted By: Belle 2007/09/03 10:01:32 PM
yup great show

Posted By: Belle 2007/08/31 12:41:00 AM
it's a really good and cool show you should watch it such time

Posted By: Belle 2007/08/29 05:33:19 PM
cool i'm not sure if you have seen it or not but it is called Kyle xy it is her favorite show

Posted By: Belle 2007/08/29 05:17:12 PM
want to know what show it is?

Posted By: sophie 2007/08/27 08:34:26 PM
I am good and your welcome!!!!!!!!!! :-) <3

Posted By: Belle 2007/08/20 10:52:00 PM
i'm great hbu my mom she just ot this really great tv show she loves

Posted By: sophie 2007/08/20 04:00:44 PM
hey zoey!!!!! how are you???I hope you have a good week!!

Posted By: sophie 2007/08/20 03:55:20 PM
OMG!!!!!! i love your backround it is so cool.... LOL!<3

Posted By: Chasel Tiny 2007/08/17 10:02:07 PM
Hey Zoey! Thanks for the welcoming.

Posted By: Belle 2007/08/08 05:28:34 PM
yw hope you have a good week!!!

Posted By: Belle 2007/08/07 10:55:10 PM
hehe and btc love your new background

Posted By: Belle 2007/08/04 06:57:52 PM
i know and he is so cute too

Posted By: Belle 2007/08/04 03:40:09 PM
well my mom got a new gp and he is so cute she put him on so your mom can see him if she wants

Posted By: Belle 2007/07/31 04:44:19 PM
i hope you have a great week

Posted By: Belle 2007/07/31 04:35:28 PM
i love when you say that

Posted By: Belle 2007/07/31 04:30:14 PM
hehe =]

Posted By: Belle 2007/07/27 06:30:15 PM
thats coool but now you have 1020 and guess what i have 2846 it is so cool :)

Posted By: Belle 2007/07/26 03:04:32 PM
i'm grreat how about you?

Posted By: Belle 2007/07/23 11:08:53 AM
so i love your new pic

Posted By: Belle 2007/07/21 09:30:40 PM
nm how about u?

Posted By: milo 2007/07/14 04:16:48 AM
aww thanks u are too zoey

Posted By: Belle 2007/07/12 09:26:05 PM
no but on sunday i'm going to my camp =D

Posted By: Belle 2007/07/12 03:25:05 PM
yw so are you doing any thing this week?

Posted By: Belle 2007/07/12 03:10:41 PM
hehe your sucha a cutie

Posted By: Belle 2007/07/11 03:25:15 PM

Posted By: 2007/07/11 02:56:52 PM
Oh thats cool.

Posted By: 2007/07/11 02:47:06 PM
Really the Scottie? Where did you get it? It looks like a Teddy Bear but its a head massager.

Posted By: 2007/07/11 02:19:05 PM
Really? which one?

Posted By: Belle 2007/07/11 12:45:28 PM
yeah she hopes it will be so much fun :)

Posted By: Belle 2007/07/10 07:02:17 PM
yeah and she is going for a week!!!

Posted By: Belle 2007/07/10 06:00:20 PM
so my mom is going to camp sunday she hopes it will be fun

Posted By: Belle 2007/07/09 11:48:59 AM
o ok i just wanted to know =]

Posted By: Belle 2007/07/09 11:26:29 AM
:D does your mom have a myspace? jw

Posted By: Belle 2007/07/07 11:29:33 PM
nuthing really how about you? p.s. love the background

Posted By: Belle 2007/06/20 10:54:45 PM
you the best =)

Posted By: Belle 2007/06/20 02:45:39 PM
aw thanks =]

Posted By: Belle 2007/06/17 08:27:20 PM
cool i guess o and btw i''m going to vote for you cuz you are my best friend

Posted By: Belle 2007/06/17 03:16:07 PM
nuthing really what bout you?

Posted By: Belle 2007/06/11 04:17:13 PM

Posted By: Belle 2007/06/10 09:20:17 PM
i dont think i am

Posted By: Belle 2007/06/10 04:14:08 PM
so are you doing anytning this week?

Posted By: Belle 2007/06/09 04:01:28 PM
hehehe =]

Posted By: Belle 2007/06/09 02:01:50 PM
hehe your just soooooo cute!!!!

Posted By: Belle 2007/06/02 03:51:16 PM

Posted By: Belle 2007/06/02 03:42:24 PM
k thanks

Posted By: Belle 2007/06/02 03:36:25 PM
thanks how do you get the little smile?

Posted By: Belle 2007/06/02 03:36:19 PM
thanks how do you get the little smile on?

Posted By: Belle 2007/06/02 03:07:39 PM
hehe your just to cute

Posted By: Belle 2007/05/31 09:53:43 PM
hee your soo cute

Posted By: Belle 2007/05/29 10:35:30 PM
i'm great i hopw are weeks go great

Posted By: Belle 2007/05/29 12:47:17 PM
Hi how are you?

Posted By: Belle 2007/05/28 01:01:03 PM
hey cutie!!!

Posted By: 2007/05/21 03:27:45 PM
Awww, thank you! You're a cutie pie yourself!!!

Posted By: Belle 2007/05/18 04:15:35 PM

Posted By: Belle 2007/05/18 02:41:42 PM
yupp =D

Posted By: Belle 2007/05/18 01:42:47 PM
no i'm sorry i dont i wish i did cuz i want to give you one and all my friends :D

Posted By: Belle 2007/05/15 10:35:58 PM
ok thanks :D

Posted By: Belle 2007/05/15 10:19:11 PM
i know they would be such cutie pies just like you o yeah umm... how get the heart by your name like that?

Posted By: Belle 2007/05/15 03:19:51 PM
that is soo cool i hope you do haveing pupie is soo fun

Posted By: Belle 2007/05/14 08:56:59 PM
are you haveing pupies?

Posted By: Belle 2007/05/12 08:27:18 PM
aww thanks

Posted By: Belle 2007/05/12 11:44:40 AM
yeah cutie you should come look at my blog

Posted By: Belle 2007/05/05 09:59:03 AM
thanks =D :D

Posted By: Belle 2007/05/05 09:55:27 AM
yeah it is it is good that you are good too i hope you have a great week end =D

Posted By: Belle 2007/05/05 09:48:25 AM
i'm good :D

Posted By: Belle 2007/05/04 12:25:00 PM
hey how are you??

Posted By: Frici 2007/05/02 02:48:04 PM
hello Zoey , thanks for your comment . I hope everything is good about U :]

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