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Vote for Cooper Duke for November :) My cause

Wednesday Nov 01, 2006 09:15:00 AM

Hi every bird, dog, cat, guinea pig, chinchilla, turtle, snake etc :)
Please consider me when voting every week in the month of November! :) My cause: I want to win to give the money to a shelter outside of New Orleans where I came from that was affected by Hurricane Katrina. They weren't flooded so took in all the animals they could! They worked countless hours! They were true heroes! The ASPCA and HSUS have recognized that by donating a new truck for the shelter! They were using an old pick up truck... They are overcrowded and need a new facility and this money will help :)
Please vote for Cooper "Duke" :) Bark! Bark!

Love, Duke

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Posted By: Max Laws 2006/11/09 01:34:08 PM
I placed my vote!

Posted By: Gryphon 2006/11/03 06:51:06 AM
Good Luck! I'm voting for you this month!

Posted By: 2006/11/02 03:34:42 PM
Gooo Cooper! yay! *waves flag with cooper's face on it* Tee hee:>

Posted By: 2006/11/01 01:59:58 PM
Got my vote!

Posted By: 2006/10/21 04:00:55 PM
*inserts "bird" into the list of animal breeds* Tee hee:> I voted for you duke!

Posted By: Penelope 2006/10/13 10:49:57 AM
Penny wants Duke to find a new favorite toy, hehe :o)

Posted By: Penelope 2006/10/13 10:47:16 AM
Good Luck Duke :o)

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/11 04:37:07 AM
Thanks everyone who has voted so far! I am up to the monthly leader now. :) You are truly going to be making a difference for this shelter!!

Posted By: Maverick 2006/10/10 03:23:14 PM
I'm new in town. I live in Houston and was affected by Katrina also. All of the people from Louisiana came over and rasied our crime rate... :-) But I voted anyways! Mav says hi!!!

Posted By: Lucy Lu 2006/10/09 09:08:41 PM
Cooper Duke looks like fun!

Posted By: Abigale June 2006/10/08 06:18:27 PM
Cooper how do we vote for you. I am so glad that you survived the hurricane in Louisianna. We live in Florida too, what part do you live in?

Posted By: Maudite 2006/10/07 05:19:13 AM
We want to help the Katrina pets ≥≤

Posted By: Baxter 2006/10/05 11:29:02 AM
I voted too! :) Meow! You are pretty cool for a dog!

Posted By: Bubbles 2006/10/05 10:13:20 AM
I voted! :)

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