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I love my mommy! Tell me why you do... :)

Monday Nov 06, 2006 12:19:00 PM

I am at home now and mamma is at work and wanted to write about how much I love her! My mommy's friends always say I am spoiled!! She says no... that she is making up everyday for my rough start. She rescued me from a shelter in Louisiana.

Some things that my mommy does for me to help me forget my past and spoil me... (Besides buying me whatever I want.. hehe... Some little things that she does that just make my life extra special are...)

-in the middle of the night if she gets up to go potty, when she climbs back in bed, she kisses me :) I don't act like I notice it, but I love it so much!

-When we go to the doggy park, afterwards she takes me for a walk because I still have soo much energy!

-When I want to run around outback and chase things I get scared when I am by myself so she will sit on the tiny porch we have even if it is cold.

-I am blind in one eye and everyday after she gives me eye drops and cleans out my goobies, she kisses it :)

-Every morning before she leaves for work :(, she sits on the couch and lets me sit in her lap for 10 minutes! I love that time together... I think she does too...

-If we are driving and I get in her lap (which i am not supposed to do for safety she says), she gives me a kiss before moving me back to my seat

-If I get cold at night, she lays my blankie over me because sometimes my feet get really cold.

I love my mommy! She can spoil me all she wants! :)

YOUR TURN NOW!! :) Tell me why you love your mommy or daddy!! :) I would love to hear all the wonderful things they do for you :) It can be a pre-thanksgiving thanking time :)

Your friend, Cooper "Duke"

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Posted By: 2006/11/27 08:44:00 PM
I love my mommy because she loves me more than anyone else ever could. She is there for me, and spends every spare MINUTE with me. Some people make fun of me because I'm so big, or think I am a nuisence. But mama will always love me, she's the best! :D

Posted By: 2006/11/26 09:34:59 AM
I love my mommy because she gives me lots of attention,takes me fur walks and talks about me alot :D

Posted By: 2006/11/23 09:53:02 AM
Yep:> We all are very lucky for our families:>

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/11/21 06:10:10 PM
I am loving reading all the stories when I sign on! keep them coming! Sounds like there are some amazing mommys out there!!! :)

Posted By: Napoleon Bonaparte 2006/11/21 02:54:47 PM
I love my momma she still lets me use her as a jungle-gym and lets me sit and lay on her chest like I still weight 2lbs. instead of the 11lbs that I really am. Oh and she lets me eat fast food and keep the toys from kids meals!

Posted By: Napoleon Bonaparte 2006/11/21 02:51:38 PM
May I start by saying that this is a great idea Cooper "Duke." What better way to thank our moms for everything they do for us?

Posted By: Jeffrey 2006/11/20 10:17:28 AM
I love my mommy because she is fighting just as hard as I am to get me walking again. And when I have to go to the vet, & I go alot, she stops at McD's & buys me a plain burger for being such a good boy. Plus she buys me squeaky toys!!!

Posted By: Simon Edison 2006/11/12 04:12:29 PM
I am thankful for my Mommy because she gives me 4 great human kids to play with and even tho she loves her puter too if I sit near her (which I always do) she always takes time out to pet me and hug and love on me :)

Posted By: Max Laws 2006/11/09 01:33:23 PM
I love my mommy because she gets down on the floor to play with me. It makes it a lot easier for me to hug and kiss her when she is on my level. Also, I get to show her all the cool stuff that I see.

Posted By: 2006/11/07 04:18:24 PM
I love my mommy because she is the ONLY one in the entire family who loves me, and even though I smell bad sometimes, I shed alot, and I bark at nothing at night time, and wake her up... She STILL sleeps by me at night. :)

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/11/07 07:35:06 AM
Lily & Boomer... You have great families!! :) woof woof!

Posted By: Lily 2006/11/06 04:43:29 PM
Also because she lets me live free, no fences. And she tries to keep me safe during hunting season. But most of all I love her because of the love she has for all of us misfits (her babies) as she calls us.

Posted By: Lily 2006/11/06 04:40:59 PM
I love my mommy because she saved my life twice. First when I was drowning in a pond, and again after she brought me home and kept force feeding me because I refused to eat.

Posted By: 2006/11/06 02:43:18 PM
-hop.I love my family and don't know what I'd do without them! (Sorry for all of these comments)

Posted By: 2006/11/06 02:42:43 PM
For their daughter: She is so sweet to me and taught me loads of words:> She made me a petster page so I can enjoy the love of animals with her:> She draws pictures for me just so I can be amused by all of the pretty colors:> She rescued me from the pet s

Posted By: 2006/11/06 02:39:36 PM
-do it on purpose and just gives me new ones:> I love mommy!

Posted By: 2006/11/06 02:39:14 PM
For mommy: Both of us know she's allergic,but she is doing fine and would never part with me:> She and I watch laverne and shirley every monday and wednesday afternoon sort of like a "mommy and me" time:> She knows when I knock seeds on the carpet I don't

Posted By: 2006/11/06 02:37:03 PM
Ok duke! pawsome idea! I'll do a comment for each For daddy: I know he wasn't really a huge birdie fan when they bought paco,but he grows to love us:> If I mess up a phrase,he'll say "naughty bird!" And then play with me! He cleans my cage to make it tidy

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