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dachshund Dog Jeffrey

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Gender: Female
Age: 55
Last Activity: 178 month(s) ago
Location: Saint Petersburg, Florida
Country: United States

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Dog, Dachshund

Dog, dachshund

Dog, Dachshund/Mini Dapple

Pet: Jeffrey

Name Jeffrey
Nickname Jeffy, Weedle, Jeffrey-man
Species Dog
Breed dachshund
Gender Male
Country United States
Zipcode 33702
Birthdate 2002-05-05
Height low rider
Weight 9 pounds
Favorite Activity squeaking my toy over and over and over and over and over and over til my foster mom hides it from me
Favorite Park Any that has squirrels to chase
Favorite Food peanut butter, bananas, cottage cheese, yogurt
Favorite Treat any treat will do in large volumes
Favorite Toy SQUEAKIES!!!!
Favorite Shows ones where the door bell rings so I can bark about it
Favorite Music the kind playing in my foster mom's truck cuz that means I'm going for a ride - yeah!
Favorite Movies ones that don't have thunder in them since I'm afraid of thunder - I'm afraid of the movie Twister!
Best Trick I'm standing on my own four legs again
Worst Trick stay!
Favorite Moments The first time I stood & walked on my own after being paralyzed
Embarassing Moments I'm a rowdy boy nothing embarasses me!
Likes playing, eating, running in my wheels, riding in the car
Dislikes thunder, loud noises that sound like thunder, when my wheels get stuck and I can't run
My First Day Home I was so thin my foster mom was afraid I wouldn't make it. I had been left in a crate in a field to die and was found by animal control in the nick of time!
Bio www.DAREtoRescue.com
About Me I am a foster dog with Dachshund Adoption Rescue & Education (DARE). I am desperately waiting for a great home to adopt me. Won't you please consider giving me the great home I deserve forever? Please! I don't require much more work than any other dog &

Im so bored!

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Jan 19, 2007 Are You Special Needs? 1 Comments
Dec 07, 2006 What do you want for Christmas/Hanukah? 3 Comments

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Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2007/08/19 09:12:41 AM
Hi Jeffrey! How are you doing? My mom was working yesterday at the SPCA where your Foster Mommy was at. She said to tell your mom sorry she missed her! Maybe we will all meet some day :) woof woof!

Posted By: Simon Edison 2007/05/18 04:32:18 PM
Yay Jeffrey congrats!

Posted By: Jeffrey 2007/05/02 01:20:35 PM
I'm pet of the month at our local pet boutique! http://www.reefdoggrooming.com/potm/potm.asp

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2007/04/22 02:14:34 PM
Jeffrey!! That is sooo AWESOME!!! yeah!!!!!! :) My mommy just noticed the april 14th thing so we missed it... sorry :( We can't wait to meet you one day...

Posted By: Jeffrey 2007/04/16 09:27:09 AM
drag my back legs on the pads of my paws, which made me fall over. But on Saturday at the picnic I took my first three steps in the 11 months DARE has had me on all four pads, all four legs moving as they are supposed to.

Posted By: Jeffrey 2007/04/16 09:26:42 AM
I WALKED!!! Yes, you read that correctly. I took my first real, 4-pawed steps on Saturday at the dachshund picnic my foster mom took me to. Ie had been pulling up on all fours and either dragging my back legs on the tops of my paws or I was trying to dr

Posted By: Jeffrey 2007/04/09 04:27:10 PM
I'm going to be at the dachshund picnic in Lakeland, FL this Saturday, April 14th. Come out and see me! The picnic even benefits DARE. It is at Lake Parker Park from 10am - 3pm. The address is 910 Granada Street, Lakeland, 33801.

Posted By: Mocha 2007/04/05 12:48:59 AM
Thank you for yor kind words... i will always miss my friend, but like you we have a new addition in our household, in my case a new baby chin i am slowly learning to like ;)

Posted By: Jeffrey 2007/03/19 02:55:55 PM
I haven't been on the computer in a while. We got a new foster at our house, he can't use his back legs either. We are getting to be good friends. He will be having back surgery soon too. My foster mom says she will add him out here soon.

Posted By: 2007/02/12 09:53:32 AM
Hello Jeff! What's new?

Posted By: Olive 2007/02/10 07:03:53 PM
Hey Big wheels, I voted for you and everything! You are too cute and a brave guy. I will think of you next time I complain about nothing . Xo Xo

Posted By: Eva Jo 2007/02/07 06:58:19 PM
i wanted to drop by and vote 4 you

Posted By: Eva Jo 2007/01/21 02:22:08 AM
i wanted to drop in and vote 4 ya

Posted By: Eva Jo 2007/01/16 11:20:28 PM
i wanted to stop by and say hello and give you a hug

Posted By: Eva Jo 2007/01/13 05:50:58 AM
i hope you have a wonderful weekend

Posted By: Cocoa 2007/01/10 12:02:34 PM
P.S. I voted for you

Posted By: Cocoa 2007/01/10 12:02:25 PM
Hi Jeff! How nice wheels. can I ride?

Posted By: Baxter 2007/01/08 05:18:39 PM
Meow... Here is a vote

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2007/01/08 05:17:47 PM
You have my vote!!! Hi Jeffrey :)

Posted By: Nikki 2007/01/07 06:38:46 AM
i my self am deaf and going blind but im still a good dog good luck and take care

Posted By: Eva Jo 2007/01/04 02:28:53 AM
how cute i wanted to drop by and say hello

Posted By: Jeffrey 2007/01/03 09:02:01 AM
I had a GREAT Christmas! I got TONS of squeaky toys!! I'm trying really hard to walk! My foster mom has been sick & I took good care of her...we snuggled on the couch, I loved that!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/12/14 06:59:09 AM
That is wonderful news Jeffrey! I hate itchy stitches! Why no wheelchair yet?? You are a trooper! :) woof woof!

Posted By: Jeffrey 2006/12/14 06:50:03 AM
My visit to the surgeon went great. Got out the rest of my itchy stitches. I can start trying to walk again but no wheelchair yet. Darn! Thanks for voting for me!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/12/14 04:53:03 AM
Hope you are feeling okay Jeffrey! :)

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/12/10 08:32:23 AM
Everyone vote for Jeffrey this month!!! He has had so many surgeries and the rescue group D.A.R.E has saved his life!!! They could use the help I am sure!! Woof woof!

Posted By: Bubbles 2006/12/10 08:28:41 AM
Cooper "Duke"'s Mommy told me you needed votes!

Posted By: Baxter 2006/12/10 08:26:41 AM
My nephew Cooper "Duke" said to vote for you :) Meow!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/12/07 11:34:21 AM
Hi Jeffrey! Tyrone Mall in St. Petersburg lets you bring your pets for photos on Monday night from 7-9pm as long as you come through the Sears/Ruby Tuesday mall entrance. I am going 12/11 to take a friend so if you go let me know so our mommys can meet!:)

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/12/07 05:05:31 AM
Hi Jeffrey! Sooo glad to hear everything went well! I have made my list and even told Santa himself at the mall!! They allow pets to come on Monday nights and sit on his lap! I want more rawhides! :) Woof woof!

Posted By: Jeffrey 2006/11/27 11:01:56 AM
I just wanted everyone to know the surgery went well, I'm doing pretty good. I was in alot of pain at first, but I'm doing better now. I was even trying to stand up last night, but my foster mom says it's way too soon for that.

Posted By: Otis 2006/11/26 06:55:47 AM
aww Jeffrey you are so cute!! get better soon..*purrr* love, Otis. PS>>Here's a vote!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/11/15 03:18:43 PM
btw.. here is a vote for you!!!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/11/15 03:18:12 PM
Oh please tell jeffrey I will say a prayer and hope everything goes well!!! He is so lucky to have a Foster Mommy that takes such good care of him!!!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/11/06 07:23:12 AM
Hey Jeffrey :) Hope you are well... I was at the DARE event on Saturday and my mommy bought me a DARE shirt! :) I looked for you but didn't see you... I hope you are okay! woof...woof

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/29 05:19:22 AM
Hi Jeffrey :) I voted for you please vote for me too! I saw you yesterday!! It was soo good to meet you :)

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/23 08:35:46 AM
Thanks for the vote Jeffrey... I am sorry to hear that! I hope you don't have to have surgery! If you do, I will pray for a speedy recovery! Can't wait to see you 11/4 :)

Posted By: Uno 2006/10/22 06:47:06 PM
Jeffrey, my mom said to ask your mom how Tarzan is doing? PS don't forget to vote.

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/22 05:52:31 AM
Hi Jeffrey.. HOw you doing? Is the therapy going good? Can't wait to meet you :) I voted for you again this week... please send one my way :) See you soon!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/17 09:25:11 AM
Thanks for the vote Jeffrey! I can't wait until the DARE park day! :)

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/15 11:17:43 AM
Hi Jeffrey! Can't wait to meet you soon :) I voted for you! :) Please vote for me too... See you soon!

Posted By: Uno 2006/10/15 07:59:46 AM
PS I voted for you this week!

Posted By: Uno 2006/10/15 07:59:24 AM
I wish I could come to see you at the upcoming events but mom & Canine Castaways have to be some place else.

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/12 02:56:46 PM
Jeffrey - I TOTALLY didn't even realize we live in the same area!! Are you going to the upcoming fun day at the park in clw? I just found out about it and will be there :) I am looking forward to the pet art even though I don't know what this is :) woof!

Posted By: Jeffrey 2006/10/12 07:00:01 AM
Thanks to Lacy for my cool new picture for Halloween!

Posted By: Uno 2006/10/11 10:41:23 AM
Hey Jeffrey! Do you live with Ruby?? I think our moms know each other!! Of course, as the spokesdog for Canine Castaways, I am trying to win this month too. Wish they would do weekly winners instead so we could all win.

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/11 10:01:49 AM
Thanks Jeffrey!!! I really want to win for the shelter affected by Hurricane Katrina! You have my support in November!!

Posted By: Baxter 2006/10/10 05:46:01 PM
please don[t tell me the guinea pig is still ahead of you bro!

Posted By: Baxter 2006/10/10 05:45:47 PM
please don[t tell me the guinea pig is still ahead of you bro!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/05 04:45:47 AM
Just stopping by to say HI to my new friend Jake :) Bark! Bark!

Posted By: 2006/10/04 06:09:12 AM
I agree with Daisy and Cooper 'Duke.' Your story was very touching! You have my vote!!!!

Posted By: Baxter 2006/10/03 06:33:03 PM
gotta love those wheels dude!

Posted By: 2006/10/03 05:49:43 PM
cool low rider

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/02 03:13:05 PM
Hi Jeffrey! I voted!!!! :)

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/01 02:36:01 PM
Hi Jeffrey! You have my vote this week but it won't let me... ?? I will save one and try again later :) Bark! Bark!

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/09/27 08:00:16 AM
Thanks Jeffrey! I am soo thankful that you were rescued in time and hate that you even had to go through that terrible experience! Bark Bark!

Posted By: 2006/09/26 06:50:39 PM
Wlcome. I though your story was also toching. I glad you joined Petster. It's very fun here once you get to know everyone.I am voting for you. You seem very nice and I hope we can become friends.

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/09/26 01:21:37 PM
Welcome Jeffrey!! You hands down have my vote but all out this week so will vote on Sunday! What a touching story!!! Glad that you were rescued in time!!! I was rescued from Hurricane Katrina. Have a wonderful day! I hope we can be friends!

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